Andaseat T-Pro 2 review – a luxurious but costly gaming chair

If you can afford the steep price, or get it on sale, this is a fantastic seat

Andaseat's black fabric T-Pro 2 gaming chair sits in the middle of an office

Our Verdict

An attractive, flexible, and comfortable gaming chair that has hefty parts for great durability, but also has some minor flaws and a rather expensive retail price compared to its competitors.

When you imagine a gaming chair that has an MSRP of around $549 / £449, you’d expect the best quality product imaginable. You want parts that won’t snap off at the slightest change in weight distribution, a comfortable seat with decent lumbar support, and highly configurable positioning. The Andaseat T-Pro 2 is a fabric gaming chair that has all of these features, and even a classy headrest that looks like a bow tie.

First off, can we talk about how chonky this chair is in the box? Trying to heave this furniture into my house is like carrying an uncooperative St Bernard. But because of its bulk I feel assured that it’s just as robust as the best gaming chair and won’t break – the parts aren’t flimsy, and the weight of the seat itself indicates that there’s tons of padding to cushion my rump.

Assembling the chair is a relatively straightforward affair, with ten steps to complete (eight if you don’t include turning it over and inserting the loose lumbar pillow). All the parts are chunky, with the screws requiring the beefy segmented hex key included to install. It’s possible to assemble the chair on your own, though I’d recommend you have someone hold the seat while you install the adjuster. It’d also be easier with a different hex key, as the one provided clips against the chair and lengthens the whole building process.

Unlike most seats, the Andaseat T-Pro 2 is made from a linen fabric rather than leather, and has a lot of high-density foam padding underneath. It is, therefore, on the higher end of the price spectrum, among the most expensive chairs Andaseat offers. Since it’s fabric-based, if you spill your G-Fuel or whatever brand-deal beverage you’re shilling to afford this chair, you’re going to have a harder time cleaning it than with a leather finish that you can just wipe off. This is not a chair for clumsy people.

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But boy is the Andaseat T-Pro 2 a bonnie seat. The material is of such high quality that you’ll want to keep it pristine. It comes in three stylish colours – black, blue, and a light grey. All three look fantastic and are relatively neutral, helping them fit most living spaces. Looking at other chairs out there on the market, only Secretlab offers something remotely similar. If you’d rather have a gaming chair that looks like furniture designed to live in a house, rather than something ripped out of a boy racer’s sweet ride, then this is a worthy choice.

It’s extremely comfortable as well. The provided memory foam lumbar support and headrest are both fairly stiff at first, but once you get used to them they can drastically improve your posture. The seat’s high-density foam padding is extremely comfortable, even for Iarger lads like myself. I’ve played many hours of games and written tons of articles since the chair’s assembly and not once have I needed to walk around because my bum ached.

The Andaseat T-Pro 2 is packed full of customisable settings, from 4D armrests that you can place exactly where you need them, to a fully adjustable seat that lets you change the height and angle of the chair. If I had to knock it on one point, it’s that the height adjustment doesn’t quite go high enough for taller people. I have the height adjustment set to its highest point, yet it doesn’t feel 100% comfortable on my knees when sitting normally.

Andaseat's blue fabric gaming chair is on display

The only other concern that I have with my Andaseat T-Pro 2 is that one of the casters is slightly higher from the ground than the others, making it rattle as I roll around the room. I managed to snap a caster off my previous, much flimsier chair entirely, and while I don’t anticipate a repeat experience with the T-Pro 2, all that rattling is still making me a little nervous.

So while the Andaseat T-Pro 2 is not quite perfect, it still has a significantly higher build quality than a lot of others on the market. It often dips below its suggested retail price to $499.99 / £349.99, too, which is much easier to swallow.

If you’re looking for that little bit of luxury for your lockdown office, and you want something that even your in-laws reckon is an attractive chair that goes with the best gaming desk, and you’re happy with the price, then the T-Pro 2 is a solid choice.