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Animal Well fast travel explained

A secret way to fast travel in Animal Well makes this surreal and slightly scary adventure much more manageable – here’s how to do it.

a bear head with a bear mouth open in animal well

Can you fast travel in Animal Well? Yes, you can fast travel in Animal Well with limitations, but it’s not a feature that’s unlocked right away or tied to the various telephone save points tucked away throughout the sprawling labyrinthe, like you’d expect in a modern game. No, Animal Well makes things wonderfully complicated, and you both have to discover and unlock the means to do so through exploration and experimentation – or by reading this guide.

As Animal Well is such an esoteric game, you’ve likely got other questions. Wondering about all Animal Well egg locations? We’ve got you covered. And maybe you’re curious about those locked up cats in the bottom right corner of the map. Well, don’t be: our how to rescue Animal Well cats guide will show you exactly what to do and what you get for saving those furry pals.

yellow notes coming from the animal well animal flute

How Animal Well fast travel works

There are three methods of fast travel in Animal Well:

  • By opening up mounted animal heads found on walls throughout the game.
  • By playing a specific tune with the Animal Flute to warp.
  • Using the fish pipes to leave certain areas.

To fast travel in the first two ways, you’ll have to find the Animal Flute.

How to find the Animal Flute

The Animal Flute is the first reward you’ll receive in the egg shrine – the area where all the eggs you’ve found are stored in the center of the map – after finding 8 total eggs. This will open a door on the left side which will lead you to the Animal Flute.

playing the flute in a room with many fast travel animal heads

How to use the Animal Well Animal Flute

Once you obtain the Animal Flute, play any note to wake up the chinchillas nearby and climb up to access the fast travel hub. Spread throughout the massive maze, you’ll find animal heads mounted on walls. Nearby will be an obelisk that, when you play any note on the Animal Flute, will open up the animal head as a fast travel point. There is one head in each area of the game, including two end-game areas.

Furthermore, if you travel south of the fast travel room, you’ll find a fish jumping up and down in the water. This is actually a code for a tune to play on the Animal Flute that will warp you back to the fast travel room from anywhere in the game. If you’re impatient or forgot the code, play the following notes on the flute: right, right, left, left, down, down, up, up.

There are other sequences to play on the Animal Flute that will warp you to different places that you’ll discover late in the game.

All Animal Well flute codes

Now that you know where to find the flute and how to use it, here are all the Animal Well fast travel codes:

  • Hub warp room (Upper) – right, right, left, down, down, up, up.
  • Hub warp room (Lower) – right, up, left, down, left, down, left, down.
  • On top of the well – Down-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Up-Left.
  • Flame Altars – Right, Up, Up-Right, Up, Down, Left, Down-Left, Down.
  • Giant bunny room – Down-Right, Down-Left, Down, Left, Up-Left, Up, Up-Left.
  • Secret Bunny Jungle room – Up-Left, Up, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Down, Left, Down.

a fish pipe with a bubble in its mouth in animal well

How to use Animal Well fish pipes

You’ll find plenty of pipes blocked by fish as you hunt down eggs, but you cannot do anything with them until you obtain a certain item called the B. wand. Simply use the B. wand near a fish pipe and hop in its mouth. After, you’ll be whisked away to a new location. You can hold down any of the face buttons (if playing on controller) to speed up this process, as plenty of fish pipes will send you across the entire map.

Do note that they are also used to solve puzzles and aren’t strictly for fast travel purposes.

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