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Is Animal Well on Game Pass?

Find out if Animal Well will appear on Game Pass and if you can explore every inch of the dark labyrinth as part of your subscription.

Is Animal Well on Game Pass? The adventure game from Billy Basso sees you, a strange blob-like creature, hatching from a flower, setting off into the deep dark unknown of the underground. It looks beautiful, atmospheric, and dense with detail, but will it be available on Game Pass?

Animal Well looks to add a twist on the Metroidvania game genre, with densely packed areas demanding your attention and darkness being your main obstacle in exploration. You’ll spelunk through cavernous areas, lighting candles to track your progress and encounter creatures with unknown motives. Here’s what we know about Animal Well being on Game Pass.

Animal Well Game Pass: a small blob creature traverses a platform above two giant swans.

Is Animal Well on Game Pass?

No, Animal Well is not on Game Pass. The Metroidvania will be available to purchase on Steam, but there are no plans for it to appear on Microsoft’s subscription service. Animal Well is, however, set to release on PlayStation Plus on 9 May 2024 for anyone who has an active subscription.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Animal Well, and we think it could do for Metroidvanias what Undertale did for RPG games. It looks to challenge the genre, almost defying categorization itself. You can read more in our Animal Well preview, and if you want to pre-order the game, you can head across to the Animal Well Steam page here.

That’s everything we know about the Animal Well Game Pass availability. Not great news for subscribers, but you never know when things will pop up on the service, so keep those fingers crossed. If you’re after something new to play, we have the best new PC games here, and the most exciting upcoming PC games so you know what to look forward to.