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Grab a free Steam key for this brand-new sci-fi strategy roguelike

To celebrate the official release of Anomaly Collapse, we're giving away ten Steam keys for the turn-based strategy roguelike game.

Anomaly Collapse giveaway - a raccoon with tactical gear cheekily looking at a CCTV camera.

Darkest Dungeon’s lane-based combat meets a cartoon sci-fi dystopia in Anomaly Collapse, a roguelike where you command a squad of adorable, if somewhat fierce, animal warriors. You’ll choose your squad’s leader and fight against an invading force of otherworldly beings.

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Promising adorable tactics with brutal choices, each run in Anomaly Collapse tasks you with eliminating monsters while scavenging for supplies and befriending potential allies. As you defeat enemies in this roguelike game, you’ll gain abnormalities that give your furry friends active or passive perks to turn the tide of challenging encounters, where positioning is as important as in games like XCOM.

However, as seen in the Anomaly Collapse launch trailer embedded above, the world becomes more unstable as your run continues. You’ll need to overcome new hazards, such as comets crashing into the earth or random explosive barrels appearing from nowhere, and it’s up to you to ensure the survival of your cute critter crew.

Anomaly Collapse is now available on Steam, and to celebrate its launch, we’ve partnered with publisher Spiral Up Games to put together this giveaway. We have ten free Steam keys for the full game available to a lucky few. Use the widget below to enter the competition and be in with a chance of winning. Be sure to enter before the closing date of April 19. Good luck!

PCGN – Anomaly Collapse giveaway

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, you’ll still be able to get 10% off the game’s full price during launch week. If you’re still on the fence, there is currently an Anomaly Collapse demo you can try over on its Steam page.

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