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BioWare is still “100% committed” to Anthem, but players have doubts

High-profile departures from the Anthem team have players concerned, but the developers say they're still hard at work on the game

Several of BioWare’s leads on Anthem have moved on to other projects, but the studio says it’s still committed to supporting its troubled loot-shooter. However, the high-profile departures from the Anthem team have many players worried that BioWare is looking to cut its losses with the game and focus on the next big title, which is likely a new Dragon Age game.

A story in VG 24/7 reports that Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah and lead producer Michael Gamble have been moved onto other projects with BioWare. Darrah has suggested on Twitter that he’s working on Dragon Age 4 (a game that was itself put on ice to make way for Anthem), but it’s unclear how exactly the studio has reshuffled its talent. Gamble has told fans that he isn’t “ditching” Anthem, but he’s also pointed them to Anthem lead producer Ben Irving and head of live service Chad Robertson as sources for more up-to-date information on the game.

Regardless of what the staffing situation at BioWare might be, many Anthem fans are in low spirits. Browsing through the game’s subreddit, you’ll find post after post lamenting what they believe is now a “dead” game, or pleading to BioWare to fix Anthem before moving on to the new Dragon Age title.

“Seriously, is anyone else pissed off that they [BioWare] are working on another title instead of using their resources to fix the game we already paid for?” asks one redditor.

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Of course, studios the size of BioWare routinely work on multiple projects simultaneously, with different teams handling different games according to a long-term overall business plan and development schedule. Robertson has taken to Twitter to reassure players that the BioWare still has an active Anthem team that’s working on new material for the game.

“[W]e’ve got a big team between Austin and Edmonton focused and motivated for improving the game,” Robertson said in a follow-up. “We appreciate your support and for being on this journey with us.”

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BioWare has temporarily suspended its new content release schedule for Anthem, and so content like weekly Stronghold challenges and Cataclysms aren’t going to be showing up for the foreseeable future. The studio says it’s going to focus on “bug fixes, stability, and game flow” before adding new content to Anthem – but Robertson and Irving are adamant that the game still has BioWare’s full support.

The question is, will players stick around to find out for sure?