AOC unveils speedy 240Hz mini LED gaming monitor

The AOC AGON Pro AG274QZM is a mini-LED gaming monitor that strikes a balance between performance and display quality, enabling gaming PC FPS games to shine

AOC mini LED gaming monitor with mascot coming out of screen holding katana on pink backdrop

Mini LED gaming monitor options are becoming more of a thing, and AOC just announced a speedy screen armed with the vibrant tech. The AGON Pro AG274QZM is a QHD, 240Hz panel that balances performance with a high spec viewing experience, meaning it could pair nicely with both the best FPS games and cinematic gaming PC experiences.

A press release for AOC’s new mini LED gaming monitor lists a bunch of impressive specs alongside its 240Hz refresh rate, including HDR1000 certification. The latter boon means the display features 1,200 nits peak brightness, something that’ll help the best PC games look even better. The panel also bolsters its HDR abilities with 576 dimming zones, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter brights.

The best gaming monitors can boast refresh rates beyond 240Hz, but seeing more mini LED screens packing the screen standard is exciting. While options like Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 exist, AOC’s offering comes with an attractive £999.99 price tag, which works out at around $1,246 USD.

Mini LED gaming monitors come with an arguably hard to justify price point, but options with the AGON Pro AG274QZM might help the tech become a standard. After all, micro LED screens are slowly, but surely, making their way onto the scene, raising the display bar even higher.

Screen specs can be overwhelming, with standards like HDMI 2.1 adding an extra layer of confusion. However, organisations like VESA are looking to simplify the realm of gaming monitors with a new AMD and Nvidia adaptive sync standard, which should make choosing a new gaming PC portable easier in the future.