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Apex Legends’ new skirmisher Alter can phase through walls

Alter, the latest addition to the Apex Legends roster, is a dimension-hopping thrill-seeker who gets a kick out of watching apocalypses.

Apex Legends' newest hero Alter can phase through walls

We got our first peek at Alter, the latest member of the Apex Legends lineup, in an animated teaser trailer earlier this week. Now Respawn has fully drawn back the veil on this new Legend, and she’s packing some game-changing abilities behind that maniacal smile.

As a skirmisher, Alter’s class ability allows her to reveal the highest-value item in Apex Legends‘ care packages. She can also use her passive, Gift from the Rift, to remotely interact with deathboxes to claim a non-armor item inside. Looting tricks are only one side of Alter’s kit, however.

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Alter also has some pretty wild traversal abilities that will make her a real threat in the battle royale game. Her tactical ability is called Void Passage, and it allows her to place a dimensional portal on solid surfaces and travel through them, potentially bypassing sealed doors or other obstacles and creating opportunities for surprise flanks.

Finally, Alter’s ultimate ability is Void Nexus. With this, she creates a regroup point for her whole team – allies can interact with it remotely to open up one of her phase tunnels and instantly travel back to that spot.

Upheaval is set to hit Apex Legends May 7, and Alter will be along for the ride. Check out our Apex Legends character tier list for more info on the roster, or have a look at our favorite multiplayer games if you’re still in the market for something to play with your friends.

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