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Apex Legends dataminer digs up ten new Legends set to hit the battle royale

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March 12, 2019 We’ve got a look at ten new Legends set to join Apex Legends.

Apex Legends will add new Legends to the roster. That’s as much as we officially know, but a host of leaks and datamines have given us hints about what form those Legends will take – even if some of those clues are shakier than others. As we await Octane and the season 1 battle pass, we might have gotten a look at the next ten Legends planned for the game.

Shrugtal on Twitter has dug up images which apparently represent all the upcoming heroes in the game files. A lot of that art is clearly unfinished, placeholder stuff, but it all fits in with how the characters are presented on the select screen. Some of these pictures are still just concept drawings, so everything’s subject to change, but for now it looks like a solid preview of what to expect.

Besides Octane, it looks like we’re going to have new Legends named Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, Skunner, and Wattson – those names were dug up ages ago by ApexLeaksNews, though any of them are subject to change. On Twitter, frozenfroh has put together an image linking every image to its likely name.

In addition to the Legend images, Shrugtal also found what appear to be Wattson’s ability icons – a Tesla Trap ability was one of the first bits of leaked Apex Legends info we ever saw (courtesy of RealApexLeaks on Twitter), and at least one of those icons seems to line up with it. The other two are similarly focused on electricity.

We’re expecting the Apex Legends battle pass to hit later today along with Octane – whether we’ll get more concrete details on the new Legends as a result remains to be seen.

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The Apex Legends player count means this game is set to see a lot of continued support. We’ll keep you updated on all the new additions as they become available – or as more details about them sneak out from the game files.

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