The Apex Legends supply bin bug can apparently be stored and carried around

The trick to leap hundreds of feet into the air can be stored up and carried with you in Apex Legends.

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You may recall last weekend when a redditor used a bug in Apex Legends to launch himself at the huge creatures in the water, just off the coast of the island. Well, it turns out that glitch doesn’t need to be used in any specific place: It seems instead that you can store up a huge jump charge, and then unleash it wherever you feel like it.

Apex Legends players have been experimenting with this exploit (or bug, or whatever it is) for the last few weeks. It works like this: Open a supply bin, get inside, and then punch the open lid from below a bunch of times.

Then, the conventional wisdom has gone, you get on top of the bin and jump, and find yourself hurled in the direction you’d been punching.

It’s of admittedly limited use tactically once a round gets going, but it certainly is pretty funny. And it’s only a matter of time before we see a video of someone getting the round-winning kill while hurtling through the air like a human (or android) cannonball.

That day may have grown that much closer when redditor Calvin304 discovered that you don’t have to launch yourself off the bin your charge up the jump in at all. Here’s the clip they posted to the Apex Legends subreddit:

Apparently you can store the bin bug from r/apexlegends

As you can see, Calvin304 is able to punch the lid of the bin to charge up the jump, and then run quite a ways from the bin, including up several flights of stairs, before launching himself up hundreds of feet into the air.

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It’s worth pointing out that using this trick in an actual match may result in getting on the bad side of Respawn’s anti-cheat software, so if you’re interested in trying it out, the best idea is to stay in the tutorial area.

This will likely be something Respawn addresses in a future patch, but for now, enjoy the gravity-defying powers of the empty loot bin.