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The best Apex Legends character is free, and easy to unlock forever

As the Apex Legends Breakout season continues, new rewards let you play as its best character for free, and you can unlock them forever.

Apex Legends Breakout Legend Valkyrie is free right now, and you can earn her to keep forever - The high-flying skirmish specialist from the Respawn battle royale game.

What makes Apex Legends stand out, for me, against rivals such as PUBG Battlegrounds, The Finals, Counter-Strike 2, and even Fortnite, is its deep sense of character. Each of the eponymous Legends is unique and distinct, bringing their own personality and skill set to the battlefield. If you jump into the ongoing Apex Legends Breakout season right now, you can play perhaps as the most fun character of them all for free, and with just a little game time you’ll unlock them to keep forever.

As Apex Legends Season 20 enters its final stages, developer Respawn Entertainment has deployed its latest ‘Breakout Legends’ challenge for Valkyrie, a character sitting pretty in the S-rank of our Apex Legends tier list for the current season and the Legend I’d personally rank as the most fun to play in the battle royale game. That means you can play as the high-flying skirmish specialist without spending a thing, and you can then unlock her for your collection with just a handful of games under your belt.

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You really can’t go wrong with Valkyrie. Her VTOL Jets passive gives her fantastic vertical mobility, letting her hover in the sky for several seconds to get an advantage over opponents – we all know just how much high ground shifts the balance in your favor, after all. She can also unleash powerful missile barrages that damage and slow enemies, a perfect companion piece to unleash aerial devastation. Finally, her ultimate is basically a jump tower that you can use anywhere, carrying you and your teammates quickly across the map.

In order to unlock Valkyrie permanently, you’ll need to complete five challenges with her before the season ends on Monday May 6. You’ll need to play 15 matches, deal a total of 3,000 damage, survive 25 ring closings, hit ten total enemies with her Missile Swarm ability, and carry a total of ten teammates into the sky with her ultimate. Those are all pretty straightforward, meaning the match count will likely be the only limiting factor as you’ll probably fulfill the others along the way.

Unfortunately, Respawn notes that “due to an ongoing issue with Valkyrie, we’ve removed the ability to play her in Three Strikes.” While she’s not currently available for the limited-time mode at the time of writing, however, she’ll certainly prove more than capable elswhere, so don’t miss your chance to add her to your roster.

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