Clubs are coming to Apex Legends, but they’re capped at 30 members

Better for making new friends - not so good for existing communities

Apex Legends Season 7 – otherwise known as Ascension – is arriving on November 4, and there’s plenty of new content on its way. Alongside a brand-new map and Legend, one of the most significant new additions in Season 7 will be clubs – a new social feature that will make it easier to find and party with like-minded fans of the battle royale game.

In a recent Season 7 preview session, Respawn developer Chad Armstrong shared details of how clubs will work with us, including their member limit, which currently stands at 30 people. So, if you’re part of a larger community, it looks like you’re going to have to split up.

There won’t be any getting around the limit by joining multiple clubs, either – though you can join and leave them at will, they’re designed specifically to create small networks and encourage players to form social groups. In a Q&A session, Armstrong explained that the decision to limit Apex Legends clubs to 30 members came from Respawn’s experiences with the networks feature in Titanfall 2, which were too large and ‘noisy’ for relationships to be built up, as players tended to just tune them out.

While a significant portion of players queue for trios by themselves – and so rely on the skills of strangers – the majority of victories are secured by players who are in pre-made squads. The clubs feature is designed to give those solo players a chance to find teammates in the same position; you’ll be able to simultaneously send out invites to all players in your club who aren’t currently in a match or party themselves.

Clubs’ size limitations may be frustrating for members of larger groups, but they look like a useful place to make new friends. Clubs will be able to tag themselves with labels such as ‘LGBTQIA+ friendly’ and ‘beginners welcome’, or set minimum rank requirements for entry if they’ve got more of a competitive focus.

Apex Legends is coming to Steam with the launch of Season 7, so it’ll be even easier to find people to play with on your friends list. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 7 – and details on the gravity-wielding Apex Legends new Legend Horizon.