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Apex Legends is coming to Steam this Autumn

Apex Legends is coming to even more platforms, and you'll be able to play with all of them

There is now an Apex Legends Steam release date – albeit, a vague one. Electronic Arts and Respawn have previously announced that their battle royale will be coming to Valve’s platform as part of a broader wave of EA games on Steam, but now they’ve confirmed an autumn release window for the Steam version, alongside a Switch port and cross-play.

The Apex Legends Steam store page is officially live, stating the TBA planned release date. While some of the recent EA Steam releases have still required you to run Origin in the background, some months ago Respawn confirmed on Reddit that Apex Legends on Steam will run Origin-free. You’ll likely still need to log into an EA account in order to take advantage of cross-play features, but you will be able to run just a single client for the game.

Looking forward to playing Apex Legends on Steam? Here’s everything we know about the exact release date as well as the highly anticipated cross-play, and Switch port.

Apex Legends Steam release date

The Apex Legends Steam release date, the Switch port, and cross-play for Apex Legends have no specific date beyond ‘autumn’ just yet, but they should all come around the same time. EA’s been tight-lipped on the details, but it sounds like this will connect players across PC and console platforms, similar to other battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

This is part of a broader cross-play initiative at EA, which kicked off with the introduction of the feature to Need for Speed Heat. Star Wars: Squadrons will also feature cross-play at launch later this year.

In a preview of today’s EA Play event, an EA rep told us that cross-play is a big focus for the company going forward, so expect EA titles from here to go cross-play much more often.

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