Apex Legends dev shuts down rumors about potential engine switch

Apex Legends Season 17 is dealing with its fair share of issues lately, which has lead to wild rumors about an engine change for the battle royale.

Apex Legends dev shuts down rumors about potential engine switch: animated woman with blonde hair looking up

Apex Legends has been dealing with a few more difficulties than usual as of late when it comes to Ranked mode and various bugs, which has led to speculation about potential drastic changes coming in the future. Some members of the community believe that the battle royale game will be changing its Source engine, but recent tweets from an Apex Legends developer have shut down those rumors with welcome explanations.

A recent tweet from Alexander Battaglia of Digital Foundry lists a number of developers who have switched to Unreal Engine after using a different engine in their previous games, and Respawn Entertainment is on the list.

This prompted Respawn’s tech director, Michael Kalas to reply in the thread with a few clarifications about the team’s inclusion there by saying the following:

“Not quite right. Respawn has multiple engines in use. Our ‘Source’ engine continues to make advancements, will never be replaced in the Apex/Titanfall universe, and has other titles contributing/using it.”

This confirms that Apex Legends is still evolving and changing, but just not in the way some players would expect. Kalas is asked about a potential switch to Source2 in the same thread, but responds by explaining that the team has managed to tackle issues like input latency through upgrades — not engine switches.

As for the team’s other projects, Kalas also goes on to say that Respawn’s Star Wars teams “choose their own path for what works best for them.”

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Those of you who are still eager to hop into matches before the end of Season 17, despite some of the issues, can look forward to the Neon Network Collection Event shown in the trailer above.

Be sure to have a look at our Apex Legends tier list to get some pointers on who you should use before the event goes live on July 25, and as we look forward to the Apex Legends season 18 release date.