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Apex Legends Gaiden event kicks off July 19

The Apex Legends Gaiden event brings back Armed and Dangerous and offers 40 limited-time anime-inspired cosmetics to earn by completing weekly challenges

Apex Legends Gaiden event: Bloodhound (aiming a sniper rifle to the left) and Seer (with a shotgun aiming to the right) show off some new red-accented Gaiden skins in Apex Legends

Free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends will kick off its Gaiden Event next week, offering a heap of new limited-time cosmetics to earn, the return of the Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode, and a selection of weekly flash events. Gaiden runs July 19 – August 2, with special reward tracks for both weeks during the event.

Armed and Dangerous – first introduced with the Voidwalker event in 2019 – is a limited-time mode with special rules: only sniper rifles and shotguns can be equipped, and you'll only find a few common-level body shields on the map. Loot is generally much scarcer in Armed and Dangerous, and for Gaiden the mode will be available on World's Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point.

Both weeks of the event have unique reward tracks tied to Gaiden ‘flash events,’ and these offer up event-themed cosmetics to earn. From July 19-26, you’ll be able to unlock Fuse’s Down Thunder epic skin, the Bionic Buddy gun charm, and the Epic 3030 ‘Cloudburst’ skin. From July 26 – August 2, rewards include the OK holospray, one Gaiden event pack, and one Apex pack.

In all, there are some 40 event-limited cosmetics to earn, including new legendary skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson, with complementary weapon skins for the Flatline, Wingman, EVA-8 and Charge Rifle.

If you manage to collect all 40, you’ll unlock the latest prestige skin, which is the Apex Commander skin for Bangalore. Like other prestige skins, this one has three tiers to unlock – the outfit gets more elaborate (and cooler) as you unlock more tiers. Once you earn the skin, though, you’ll be able to continue working on unlocking prestige tiers on it even after the Gaiden event concludes August 2.

More information on the Gaiden event is available on the official site.