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Apex Legends level cap being raised to 500, will be easier to earn Apex Packs

The changes come into play in December

The level cap for Apex Legends is being increased, so players can now earn more Apex Packs without spending any of their own money.

In an effort to make Apex Legends more rewarding, EA has announced (via VG247) that the maximum reachable level is getting a 400% increase. Where previously the max level was 100, beginning December 3, it will be 500. For many players, the actual number isn’t the important, what matters here is the extra 154 Apex Packs that’ll be available.

Apex Legends doesn’t reward a loot box with every level, but the new system will grant substantially more for anyone that doesn’t want to buy them with real-world money. One Apex Pack will come with each level between one and 20, then it’s one per every two levels up to 300, then every five levels to 500. Anyone already at level 100 will retroactively receive the extra 14 Apex Packs they would’ve earned otherwise. Three dozen new gun charms have been added to the packs, too, so there’s some new collectibles to pick up.

EA and Respawn’s spin on the Battle Royale crossed a major milestone recently, having reached 70 million players globally some weeks ago. Soon after, a limited-time Duos mode was added, letting players pair up like in Fortnite and PUBG.

These changes aren’t huge, but they should incentivize some lax players to come back and climb up those added 400 levels, and may be a sign of further additions to the progression system in the future.

The new levels will be available in Apex Legends from December 3.