Apex Legends pro refuses to kill disconnected opponent in $2m series

Fans are praising Apex Legends pro ImperialHal after he tells his TSM squadmates to not shoot a disconnected enemy during the $2 million ALGS championship

Apex Legends pro refuses to kill disconnected opponent - Horizon holding hands up, looking wary

Few things give us faith in humanity like a spot of good sportsmanship, and fans are celebrating Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen after his spur-of-the-moment call not to shoot an opponent that had disconnected during the battle royale game’s ongoing ALGS championship. Dosen spotted the enemy standing motionless on the field, but decided not to shoot them, realising that they had likely lost connection or crashed.

The Apex Legends Global Series 2022 championship runs from July 7 – 10 with a total prize pool of $2 million USD, and Dosen’s team TSM was looking a little shaky in its bracket positioning – so the players needed every point they could get. Nevertheless, upon spotting the stationary foe, Dosen places his sights over them for a second before declaring, “This guy crashed!” He pauses for a moment, then continues, telling his teammates, “Don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him bro, he crashed.”

In a clip of the moment shared by AlphaIntel, the TSM players look around nervously for his teammates, trying to determine what they should do. But Dosen remains adamant: “He 100 percent tabbed out or crashed or something. Don’t shoot them – it’s Scarz,” referring to one of TSM’s notable rival organisations. In the end, TSM decide to back off, with Dosen sliding into a nearby building as some shots start pinging his way.

By the time the bracket stage wraps up, Dosen and TSM manage to claim the ninth spot in the finals, where they will compete on July 10 for the $500k USD first place prize. Japanese team Scarz also qualifies in fifth, meaning both teams are now guaranteed at least a $36k USD payout.

Not so fortunate is Japanese duo Pulverex, who received an ovation from the crowd after they finished in fifteenth despite competing as a duo for the entire tournament. Takumi ‘Ftyan’ Kanasashi and Kochi ‘Lejetta’ Naoto bested the odds far beyond expectations after their teammate Shotaro ‘saku’ Sakata was forced to pull out after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to job listings at Respawn, a single-player Apex Legends game is in the works to help bring players into the FPS game’s universe. Meanwhile, a streamer with a penchant for weird control schemes has been playing Apex Legends with his voice, using hand gestures to aim and making noises to fire.