Apex Legends streamer yells his way to victory – literally

Apex Legends streamer Rudeism uses Arduino-based motion sensor gloves and a microphone to play the FPS battle royale game using voice control to fire his guns

Apex Legends streamer Rudeism voice controls - Wattson with a finger to her mouth in a 'shhh' motion

Most of us have probably made more than a few enthusiastic gun sounds in our time while playing FPS games, but now Apex Legends streamer Rudeism has converted that habit into an actual gameplay mechanic. Using an Arduino microprocessor, Rudeism managed to map his hands to the battle royale game’s weapons, using motion sensors to aim and firing by making noise into a lapel mic.

The streamer, famed for his bizarre alternative controller solutions, uploaded a video of his setup to the Apex Legends subreddit (spotted by TheGamer), where he tests out his creation for the first time with a tentative, “brrrrrrrrr” – then gets very excited when he is able to knock down an enemy with his voice-controlled shots.

Any sound works, as he demonstrates with a little “brap brap brap” and some “pa pa pa pa” sounds. Amusingly, as he then exclaims, “this is so dumb, this is my favourite thing in the world,” his weapon fires off several more bursts in time with his speech, showing that you’d probably have to keep your lips sealed if you were trying to be a bit more sneaky.

As Rudeism explains, “there’s a motion sensor in the glove that handles the aiming, as well as a microphone attached to my shirt that fires the gun whenever I talk into it.” He says that, while it might not be his most elegant creation, “it’s a hell of a lot of fun.” We can’t help but agree with him.

If this intrigues you but you don’t fancy making quite as much of a racket, Rudeism has also been seen nailing ‘breadshots’ in Call of Duty: Warzone using a baguette as his controller, and even recently turned a Fisher-Price toy controller into a working model to brighten up his Elden Ring sessions. Who knows what he’ll think of next?