Apex Legends removes popular game mode temporarily

Respawn Entertainment's FPS game Apex Legends has been dominating the EA launcher since its release, but a fan-favorite game mode has just been disabled.

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Apex Legends is one of the most widely played competitive multiplayer games out there, featuring a diverse cast of characters to choose from and a variety of game modes to play through. One of the most popular game modes in Apex Legends is Control, one of three that make up the Mixtape rotation. The goal of Control is to score points by capturing and holding Control Zones, making for a thrilling experience. Unfortunately for fans, Respawn Entertainment has just announced that the game mode has been removed temporarily.

Amid the recent Apex Legends Master rank milestone, players have been letting Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA know about an in-game issue that prevents them from spawning on their controlled zones in the Control game mode. The developer has now responded, stating that it has been monitoring the bug and is enacting a temporary solution.

“We’ll be taking Control out of the Mixtape rotation at 10am PT today while we work on a fix,” Respawn wrote on its official Twitter. The developer has not yet specified a date for the fix and return of the Control game mode, but Respawn did post about another issue a few hours after.

A Tweet from the official support account for Apex Legends describing the removal of Control

Respawn stated that players were having issues loading into Apex Legends matches. Since then, the team hasn’t updated on either initial post, leaving Control out of the Mixtape’s rotation for now. Some players have reported that the latter bug where matches were not joinable has been resolved, but neither Respawn nor EA has confirmed so.

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