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Apex Legends Season 10 release time - countdown to ‘hold on’

Apex Legends: Emergence has nearly, er, emerged

A selection of battle pass options you'll be able to unlock when the Apex Legends Season 10 release time arrives

The new Apex Legends season is nearly here, so the developers have provided the usual round of pre-release info. The Apex Legends Season 10 release date officially lands on August 3, and the patch notes are pretty light this time around – aside from Seer, the World’s Edge map update, and ranked Arenas – but there’s one notable surprise you should, er, ‘hold on’ for.

Respawn has confirmed that the Apex Legends: Emergence release time is 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST on August 3. Once the patch goes live, you will be able to respond to enemy pings with a friendly ‘hold on’ – much nicer than screaming obscenities at your teammates when someone starts pushing too aggressively.

There are some modest hero changes, including some moderate buffs to Caustic which restore some of the damage potential of his gas. Fuse gets some buffs too, as his ultimate will now reveal enemies stuck inside the ring of fire, and his tactical has now been doubled in duration for a bit more utility.

You can get the full patch notes at the official site, and if you didn’t already see the battle pass leak, you can check out some of the new rewards in the trailer below.

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