Apex Legends broke another player record on Steam

The battle royale game peaked at 198,235 over the weekend

New Legend Fuse posing with a bomb in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become increasingly popular on Steam since it launched on Valve’s storefront last November. It has particularly, however, come into its own throughout Season 8. The battle royale game hit record heights for concurrent players both days before and days after the launch of Season 8. The record then was 184,170, which Apex Legends achieved on February 3.

Now, though, Apex Legends has hit a new high. According to SteamDB, 198,235 people played Respawn’s battle royale game at its peak over the weekend. The game has remained relatively steady since then, too. It didn’t quite hit the same heights the day after, but it did peak at 196,287 players, which is still a fair bit higher than the game’s record from the start of the season.

Apex Legends typically is kept humming along with a series of updates and fixes as each season rumbles on. Right now, the game is holding an anniversary event to celebrate its birthday, though this ends tomorrow. Players have also been stumbling across teases related to one character called Caustic, which could point to a future event itself.

While the game is enjoying some success on Steam, developers still play whack-a-mole with balancing Legends. More recently, Respawn lead game designer Daniel Klein acknowledged that Caustic is likely to be next in line for some adjustment, though the team is still figuring out how to do that.

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