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Ark Survival Ascended announces next dinosaur joining the core roster

Another popular Ark Survival Ascended mod is set to join the main dinosaur roster, as the giant Xiphactinus will appear in the water in May.

Ark Survival Ascended Xiphactinus is the latest dinosaur mod to join the full roster - A giant tuna-like fish with a mouth full of large, sharp teeth.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, divisive remaster Ark Survival Ascended introduces yet another member of the beloved Ark Additions mod collection to the official core game roster. Developer Studio Wildcard is working with leading mod creator ‘Garuga123’ to bring several of their most popular creations to the full game, meaning you’ll begin seeing them soon regardless of whether or not you have any mods installed.

Boasting more than 1.6 million downloads for Ark Survival Ascended alone, it’s safe to say that the Xiphactinus is a pretty popular pick among players, ranking among the very best Ark Survival Ascended mods. Its addition to the core version of the survival game means you’ll soon begin to encounter them without having to download and install a mod (or remember how to spell it).

“Be wary of the open ocean, for there lurk shoals of Xiphactinus, relentlessly aggressive fish with appetites bigger than their bodies,” Studio Wildcard writes. That’s saying something; resembling somewhat of an experimental fusion of a tuna and a piranha, these fish are pretty much the same size as you are. As aggressive predators willing to attack anything in sight, that makes them enough of a concern by themselves, let alone if you run into multiple at once. You can see the modded version in action below, courtesy of ‘ClickTockClock.’

YouTube Thumbnail

Studio Wildcard notes that, much like the Ceratosaurus, this version of the Xiphactinus may feature “a few changes to the design” from the version seen in the mod. It seems like they’ll be just as nightmarish as the mod version. Fast, aggressive, and often showing up in packs, they aren’t too tough to take down but their sheer speed and ability to cause bleeding can put you in a bad spot before you know what’s hit you. They’re so relentlessly vicious, in fact, that you might not even be safe at the water’s edge if they’re of a mind to leap at you.

The Xiphactinus is set to arrive in Ark Survival Ascended in “mid May,” according to Studio Wildcard. It’ll be joined by the official version of the Ark Ceratosaurus, also from Garuga123. If you’re a subscriber to PC Game Pass, remember that you can now play Survival Ascended as part of the Microsoft game library at no additional cost.

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