Arma 3’s new DLC is a trip to the museum

The Art of War Charity Pack was developed with the Arma 3 community, and all proceeds go to the ICRC

Military simulator game Arma 3 is doing something a bit different with its newest piece of DLC. Instead of driving around in a new tank or helicopter, this pack involves a trip to the museum. That’s right: the Art of War Charity Pack adds a virtual exhibition of Arma community members’ best artwork, and there’s even a new mission to go along with it.

The Arma 3 Art of War Charity Pack includes a new single-player scenario that developer Bohemia Interactive says showcases “international humanitarian law in action” as you help protect a “valuable work of art”. There’s some new formal attire included, such as a suit (you can’t show up at a fine arts museum dressed in fatigues, after all) and faction-specific parade dress uniforms and a parade cap. The DLC also includes a range of civilian backpacks.

The DLC itself is available at three price points. While the lowest is $1.99 USD / £1.99, you can also choose to pay $4.99 / £4.99 or $9.99 / £9.99. All proceeds benefit the International Committee of the Red Cross, and so you can think of the purchase as a donation to the organisation. All three price tiers include the same content.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Even if you don’t opt to purchase the pack, you’ll still be able to visit the new Art of War exhibit. There are also new themed T-shirts that show off selected pieces of community art, new art gallery objects to use in scenario editing, as well as a selection of memorial objects for use in funeral and tribute scenes.

You can learn more about the International Committee of the Red Cross at its official website.