Arma Reforger patch fixes flying trucks and spawn camping

Arma Reforger update addresses some ongoing bugs like the "flying vehicle issue" and weapons acting as impenetrable body armour

Arma Reforger update: A Russian soldier looks out from the back seat of a jeep in Arma Reforger.

A minor update is out today for Arma Reforger, the new Early Access title that’s serving as the buildup to the eventual launch of Arma 4. In the latest Arma Reforger update, Bohemia Interactive has addressed some of the stranger bugs that have popped up since the military simulation game’s Early Access launched, such as one that would result in vehicles floating serenely over the landscape like truck-shaped helicopters.

Arma Reforger Version adds spawned player protection, which means you shouldn’t get taken out by a sniper as soon as you spawn into a session anymore. Players had also found that certain guns were acting as impenetrable body armour – they would simply deflect incoming fire, giving players who used them a considerable advantage in a firefight. That’s been corrected with this patch, too.

While researching the Arma Reforger hands-on impressions story for our sister site the Wargamer, I spotted a truck flying high above the ground as my team was capturing a base. It turns out, this was a persistent issue and it would happen when a player driving a vehicle had their game session suddenly terminate. That would put the vehicle in an “undefined state,” and presumably just set it on a vector that could lead it out over the horizon. That’s been fixed with this patch, too.

Speaking of vehicles, those are now being “put to sleep” when they’re left empty to improve performance.

The full patch notes are available at the official site, and run through all the various fixes and improvements made in the latest patch. One item on the list left us scratching our heads: it reads, “Tweaked: latrine destruction.” We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we’re assuming that however it was that bathrooms were being destroyed before, it’s better now.