Arma Reforger patch fixes janky multiplayer animations

Arma Reforger update includes some fixes to smooth out the multiplayer experience, including the jittery, warping movement of other characters

Two soldiers sit in the back of a Jeep in Arma Reforger.

A new Arma Reforger update is out today, and it makes some welcome fixes to the military multiplayer game that should make playing online a smoother experience. We mean that literally: one issue players have run into with the early access game is that other characters’ animations in multiplayer make them look like they’re blinking in and out of existence, and today’s patch should correct that particular bit of weirdness.

There are two specific changes aimed at correcting the smoothness of other players’ animations, but several changes made in this update should make Arma Reforger more stable online overall, which should help with animation too. With this patch, the animation data you see will be from the owner of the character, rather than from the server. Another separate tweak has been made to “[improve] smoothness of characters in multiplayer.”

There’s a host of additional fixes and improvements in the patch as well: idle AI should be more aware of its surroundings from now on, and the explosives containers you come across in the Conflict game mode should actually contain explosives rather than “regular items.”

A bug that caused cars to sink into the earth when they struck a gate bar has been corrected, and you’ll no longer be stuck sitting next to a car you’ve died in.

Bohemia Interactive has also fixed a bunch of crashes, including one that could happen simply by equipping a weapon.

In Workbench, there’s a new status bar that displays the current backend environment, and height resampling is enabled by default when you import a height map into the World Editor.

The full patch notes have all the details.