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Best Armored Core 6 core expansions

Learn what the best AC6 core expansions are, what each of the four expansions do, and which core expansion is the best to take into battle.

What are the best Armored Core 6 core expansions? The new mech game has a lot of choice when it comes to giving players the machine of their dreams. There are only four core expansions, but using them properly can easily save you in battle, depending on which one you’ve equipped and if you use them at the correct time.

Not all AC6 core expansions are created equal and, as far as we’re concerned, one is much more useful than the others. Core expansions in Armored Core 6 are part of the game’s core upgrades, so you’ll need to make use of your OS Tuning chips to be able to purchase them. Once you do, the expansion needs to be equipped into your mech’s expansion slot, so it also pays to have said expansion make up the best Armored Core 6 builds to pick.

All Armored Core 6 core expansions

The four Armored Core 6 core expansions are:

  • Assault Armor
  • Pulse Armor
  • Pulse Protection
  • Terminal Armor

Before we dive into which Armored Core 6 core expansions are the best, let’s break down what each one does and how it can be used in battle. A few of them are, admittedly, quite similar, but their differences can have little ways to turn the tides in your favor, depending on the scenario.

You can purchase any of the core expansions as soon as you start winning OS Tuning chips in the arena. Make sure you choose wisely early on so that you have more chips to spend on other equipment.

The best Armored Core 6 assault armor

Assault Armor

This is the offensive option of the bunch. Using it creates a large shockwave that cancels out any enemy attack as well as causing attack and impact damage to anything within its radius. The kicker is that it dissipates almost instantly. As far as attack power goes, it does 1500 damage and 2000 impact damage (stun damage). This is useful for when there are enemies in close range and you need to create some distance. The damage is roughly equal to a single powerful attack, but the impact damage is much more impressive, and it has up to three charges.

The best Armored Core 6 Pulse Armor

Pulse Armor

Pulse Armor shields your mech no matter where it it and if you move, the shield remains with you. This effect lasts for ten seconds unless its durability runs out first, and it can take 3300 damage. It’s useful for tanking dangerous enemy attacks, such as when you’re fighting named ACs or Armored Core 6 bosses. Granted, if the boss attack does more than 3300 damage, you’re going to consume the remainder. This ability can be used up to two times, so choose wisely.

The best Armored Core 6 Pulse Protection armor

Pulse Protection

This expansion is a more powerful, stationary version of Pulse Armor. It lasts for 25 seconds and can withstand 4000 damage. It can have up to three charges, so you can use it once more than Pulse Armor, but having to stay still can definitely put you in a bad position. This makes Pulse Armor better when up against bosses, as being able to stay on the move can be vital to your survival.

The best Armored Core 6 Terminal Armor

Terminal Armor

This expansion kicks in if you take fatal damage by raising a barrier that can withstand 20,000 damage, which few enemy attacks can do. However, it only lasts a couple of seconds and when it wears off, you’ll be left standing with just a single HP. To be blunt, you should be keeping tabs on your HP levels and using repair kits as needed, making Terminal Armor one of the least favorable core expansions.

Best Armored Core 6 core expansions

The best core expansions in Armored Core VI are:

  • Assault Armor
  • Pulse Armor

Assault Armor is great for when there’s a tough enemy nearby that you desperately need to stagger. While Pulse Armor is indispensable when it comes to giving you enough breathing room to survive long enough to defeat a boss or tank an extremely dangerous attack. It all comes down to your preferred playstyle, but we strongly recommend Pulse Armor, but these two are easily the best core expansions in Armored Core VI.

Those are all the core expansions in Armored Core 6, as well as our take on which ones are the best. Check out our Armored Core 6 review as well as our list of Armored Core 6 leg types and the Armored Core 6 story and lore explained.