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Best Armored Core 6 builds

Here are four of the best AC6 builds, covering lightweight, mediumweight, heavyweight, and aerial Armored Core 6 builds to take on any challenge.

What are the best Armored Core 6 builds? We’ve put together a list of four of the best builds to get the job done no matter the encounter. Whether you want to tank enemies, or you’d rather a lightweight build that deals maximum damage.

We’ll be showcasing which Armored Core 6 parts we recommend using, including Armored Core 6 frame parts, AC6 weapons, and AC6 inner parts. Granted, you won’t have the exact parts to build these right away, so you’ll need to cut some corners. Regardless, these should give you the right idea to get you started on tweaking your own AC6 builds for the early and late game. Now, let’s run through the ultimate Armored Core 6 loadouts.

What are the best Armored Core 6 builds?

Here are the best AC6 builds:

  • Best heavyweight AC6 build – Hull Krogan
  • Best mediumweight AC6 build – Doomscroller
  • Best lightweight AC6 build – Sting Likeabee
  • Best aerial AC6 build – Howdy Hoverino

The best Armored Core 6 builds - Hull Krogan

Best Armored Core 6 heavyweight build

Here is the best AC6 heavyweight build:

  • Right-arm unit – SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Left-arm unit – SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Right-back unit – FASAN/60E
  • Left-back unit – FASAN/60E
  • Head – IA-C01H: EPHEMERA
  • Core – DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Arms – DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO
  • Legs – LG-022T BORNEMISSZA
  • Booster – (NOTHING)
  • FCS – VE-21A
  • Generator – VP-20D
  • Expansion – PULSE ARMOR

With the above frame parts, our Hull Krogan build has a whopping extra 8,000 AP, plus a ton of Attitude Stability, which governs how much impact damage it takes to stagger you. This is a defensive build, but also capable of dealing large amounts of firepower, plus you can hold out a while longer without finding yourself staggered. The most important piece here are the Bornemissza tank legs, which add on 6,000 AP alone. Due to not caring about weight, the VP-200 generator means that you won’t often find yourself needing more energy.

The IB-C03G: NGI 000 is the best generator for this build, as it will max out your energy, but you won’t find that one until much later in the game. Of course, due to all the weight and extra defense, Krogan is a very slow machine. But the trade-off is that the tank legs mean that you don’t have to take a firing stance before shooting large weapons, such as laser cannons or bazookas. Speaking of weapons, Krogan is great for long-distance attacks due to the aforementioned lack of needing a firing stance. But you can also slap on a pair of shotguns and roll right up to your enemies to stagger them. Granted, this won’t work on faster enemies, as Krogan simply won’t be able to catch up to them. This build is also great for dealing with Balteus or the Sea Spider bosses.

The best Armored Core 6 builds Doomscroller

Best Armored Core 6 mediumweight build

Here is the best AC6 mediumweight build:

  • Right-arm unit – SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Left-arm unit – SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Right-back unit – FASAN/60E
  • Left-back unit – Vvc-700LD
  • Head – IA-C01H: EPHEMERA
  • Core – 07-061 MIND ALPHA
  • Arms – AA-J-123 BASHO
  • Legs – VP-422
  • Booster – BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS – FCS-G2/P05
  • Generator – VP-20C
  • Expansion – PULSE ARMOR

If Krogan is the go-to build for mitigating damage and dishing out DPS, Doomscroller here is our personal favorite. This build is good enough to get you through the entire game. Obviously, it can’t carry as many heavy weapons, but the VP-422 legs allow for the best of both worlds. With this build, you can dual-wield the game’s best shotguns, the Zimmermans, and also carry a plasma cannon and a missile launcher of your choice. While it can’t match the raw DPS of the above build, it gets close enough that it can handle practically any enemy Armored Core 6 throws at you. We’ve defeated nearly every enemy in the game using this build, so this offers a great balance between speed and offense.

Keeping the weight down makes a huge difference in terms of speed too, as you can get your boost speed to nearly 350 using the BST-G2/P06SPD booster. Doomscroller won’t be the fastest build or have the highest DPS, but it’s a great middle ground between the two, plus it has enough added defense that you won’t get shredded by enemy fire immediately.

The best Armored Core 6 builds Sting Likeabee

Best Armored Core 6 lightweight build

Here is the best AC6 lightweight build:

  • Right-arm unit – WR-0777 SWEET SIXTEEN
  • Left-arm unit – WR-0777 SWEET SIXTEEN
  • Right-back unit – 45-091 ORBT
  • Left-back unit – Vvc-703PM
  • Head – DF-HD-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Core – CC-2000 ORBITER
  • Arms – AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAK
  • Legs – EL-TL-10 FIRMEZA
  • Booster – BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS – FCS- G2/P05
  • Generator – AG-E-013 YABA
  • Expansion – PULSE ARMOR

This is one of the lightest machines you can make with a very high boost speed. It can’t take much punishment, nor can it carry much, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. For a dual shotgun approach, the two WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen shotguns are only effective at short range, but Sting is fast enough for that not to be an issue. As for shoulder weaponry, it can’t hold anything like a shoulder cannon or grenade launcher, but a couple of missile launchers do plenty of stun damage to supplement the two shotguns.

The best Armored Core 6 best builds Howdy Hoverino

Best Armored Core 6 aerial build

Here is the best AC6 aerial build:

  • Right-arm unit – WR-0777 SWEET SIXTEEN
  • Left-arm unit – SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Right-back unit –  45-091 ORBT
  • Left-back unit – Vvc-703PM
  • Head – DF-HD-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Core – CC-2000 ORBITER
  • Arms – AA-J-123 BASHO
  • Legs – LG-033M VERRILL
  • Booster – BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS – FCS- G2/P05
  • Generator – AG-E-013 YABA
  • Expansion – PULSE ARMOR

Tetrapod legs don’t require you to enter a firing stance when shooting heavy weapons, making Hoverino a good middle point between Krogan and Doomy. It can’t carry as much weight as Krogan, so its DPS won’t be as high and it loses most of the tanking potential, but there’s a very important difference due to the tetrapod legs. These let you hover for a long time without worrying about energy, so you can glide over the battlefield with ease. This makes Hoverino the perfect choice for dealing with flying enemies. If you would rather not spend your time on the ground, this build is the way to go.

Now you’re all set up with the best Armored Core 6 builds, take a look at our list of strategies for the Armored Core 6 bosses, if you want to get a better idea of how these builds should be used to go toe-to-toe with them. We’ve also got full lists of the Armored Core 6 missions and a guide on how to get all the Armored Core 6 endings. Get moving, 621.