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Astroneer’s automation update adds new machines to make exploring even smoother

Latest update adds several machines and cosmetic items

If all the resource gathering and engineering in Astroneer was starting to feel a little tedious, you’re in luck – the latest update brings automation to the easy-going space sim. In the automation update, you’ll now have some handy machines that will gather resources for you, and some other tools that’ll make keeping you base-camp all powered up just that bit easier.

Two main machines come in the update for the space game – the Auto Extractor and Auto Arms. The Auto Extractor can be placed on a resource node to extract those lovely materials in a way that’s less damaging to the land and at a much higher efficiency. Auto Arms, then, transfers small items into specific slots, allowing you to maximize the operation of your machines. The arms can be fine-tuned for specific materials, too, to make cycles that fulfill a specific purpose.

From there, we have medium and large canisters, to store all the extra resources now being generated, and sensors and repeaters. These are tools that can be programmed to special criteria so you don’t have to be as conscious about what’s going on with your base. The Power Sensor can activate a backup generator, for example, or a storage sensor can be set to switch out canisters when one becomes empty. Several modules have been altered to make this additions work – you can find a full breakdown in the patch notes.

New suits and cosmetic items have also been added to the management game‘s store. The Happy Blue Visor from the trailer below is included, so your cosmic adventurer will finally have a face.

The Automation update is available now on Steam, where the game is currently reduced as part of the Steam summer sale.