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This cold-war FPS’s new DLC makes even Undertale look ordinary

Atomic Heart's new Trapped in Limbo, which resembles a rampage through Care Bear country, now has a confirmed February release date.

A strange character with a yellow box for a face and googly eyes.

Atomic Heart’s newest piece of DLC, teased last month, now has an all-new trailer and a February release date. Dubbed Trapped in Limbo, it’s really something, outweirding even Undertale’s oddball world. It probably won’t be as heartwarming as Toby Fox’s classic but it seems like a great excuse to dive back into this retro-futuristic FPS.


Ever wanted to go on a machine gun rampage through dreamland? Atomic Heart’s upcoming Trapped in Limbo DLC promises to turn this FPS game into a wild psychedelic adventure. And, for at least part of it, you get to play as a goose.

It might sound like developer Mundfish is stepping on Untitled Goose Game’s flippers, but Trapped in Limbo mostly retains the main game’s FPS format. You won’t be ducking behind any hedges, instead you’ll be taking on some magnificently weird monsters face-to-face.

We got a glimpse of this DLC last month, and now it has a confirmed February release and a spectacularly surreal trailer. It follows on from the second of Atomic Heart’s endings, and has protagonist P3 trapped in his own subconscious. The main game touched on this mindscape, but the DLC is set to dial things up to 11.

The trailer offers a glimpse of this gloriously odd place, filled with skewed versions of Atomic Heart’s ‘real’ world features, and a lot of chocolate. You’ll come face to face with a sentient item box, warped versions of the game’s moustachioed robots and many other foes.

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But Trapped in Limbo also promises plenty of vertigo-inducing platform action, as you leap from one candy-covered, chocolate-heavy plateau to the other. This may just be a trailer but it’s making me really, really hungry.

Mundfish has revealed that you’ll be able to unlock skins for use in the main campaign. I’ve got my fingers crossed you’ll also be able to make use of the DLC’s weapons too, though that’s not been confirmed. Who wouldn’t want to take on a giant, rolling robot with a hundreds-and-thousands gun?

There’s nothing about the other expansions (there’s a fourth one yet to come) that grabbed me but this looks so wild I’m definitely along for the ride.

Atomic Heart’s Trapped in Limbo DLC arrives this February 6, 2024. There’s no confirmed price as yet but if it’s line with the other DLC, it’ll cost $9.99/£8.99. You can also get it as part of the game’s ‘Atomic Pass’ expansion pass.

If you’ve not picked up Atomic Heart, it’s currently 42% off on Steam, making it $34.79/£31.89. Or if you already have it and are struggling, here’s our guide to Atomic Heart’s bosses and some helpful Atomic Heart tips.

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