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Aura RNG codes May 2024

Enter these Aura RNG codes to get free magic potions and boost your chances at getting rare auras from rolling the in-game gacha system.

Aura RNG codes: a Roblox avatar standing next to a bush, covered in a bright aura.

May 12, 2024: We’ve had a search around for new Aura RNG codes for this weekend’s “huge” update.

What are the newest Aura RNG codes? The main point of Aura RNG is to roll for the coolest effect possible and apply it to your Roblox avatar. You can earn coins by exploring the world and completing quests to buy potions that boost your chances. However, that takes quite a while, especially if you’re new and want a fantastic look out of the gate.

That’s where these Aura RNG codes come in, as they’ll give you free potions that increase your luck. These Roblox games allow you to roll the in-built gacha system without financial commitment. If that thrill appeals to you, you should probably check out our Anime Roulette codes, as that experience has remarkably similar gameplay.

New Aura RNG codes

Here are all the new Aura RNG codes:

  • Newupdate – Potions
  • Herbert – Potions
  • StormyStorm – Storm
  • Helix – Helix
  • Pets – Random pet
  • LuckyRoll – 3 Super Rolls
  • FreePotions – two lucky I potions and two lucky II potions
  • UpdateTwo – two Herbie’s magic potions

How to redeem Aura RNG codes

To redeem Aura RNG codes, you need to do the following:

  • Open Aura RNG via the official Roblox game page.
  • Click the Shop icon.
  • Click the codes icon that appears on screen.
  • Type in the code and click Claim to get your freebies.

If the code is successful, you’ll see green text saying so at the top of the screen. If the code is invalid or expired, you’ll see an error message in red.

The Aura RNG codes redemption screen that allows you to enter codes for freebies.

Where can you get more Aura RNG codes?

If you don’t fancy signing up for anything, you don’t have to. Just check back on this guide, as we’ll record all the latest Aura RNG codes for you. We’re even going through the currently active codes in case they stop working.

That said, you can also go hunting for them yourself. Currently, the only place where Aura RNG codes appear is the Discord channel, which you can find on the official Aura RNG Roblox page. There is also a link to the developer’s YouTube channel, but it has no videos as of yet.

When is the next Aura RNG update?

Updates for Aura RNG tend to appear once every few days, so you won’t have long to wait for the next one. As for what’s next, the sneak peek channel on the developer’s Discord regularly uploads clips and information for the newest update.

Those are all the Aura RNG codes for the moment, but there are plenty of Roblox games out there once you get bored of rolling for new effects. Alternatively, you can further customize yourself via the Roblox promo codes, which work well with the auras you get here. If you find a radio, these latest Roblox music codes will allow you to listen to anything from classic Disney songs to the very best of your favorite pop star’s hits.