PlayStation highlights all the crap you’ll miss out on if you buy Avengers on PC

That's the "PlayStation Advantage" (TM)

Exclusive games and content have become less prevalent over the last console generation, and it’s easier than ever to play most of the stuff you want regardless of hardware platform restrictions. But while Sony-published titles like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are making their way to PC, the PlayStation folks are especially keen to guarantee your interest in the platform ahead of the launch of PS5.

When the Avengers beta was announced, we found out that PS4 players would get in early. Then, we found out that that Spider-Man would hit the Avengers game, it would be exclusively on PlayStation – a decision explained away with vague references to the relationship between Sony and Marvel. Then, we found out that a selection of cosmetic items would be available to PlayStation players 30 days ahead of their release on other platforms.

For us poor PC players, it’s a lot to keep track of. What content are we going to have to wait for? What content are we never getting? Luckily, Sony has provided us with a helpful trailer running down what the “PlayStation advantage” will bring us in the Avengers game.

Yes, the “PlayStation advantage” is apparently Sony’s willingness to sink big money into exclusivity deals and co-marketing efforts. It is a sort of advantage, I guess, but one typically associates that kind of marketing phrase with, like, the quality of a particular product – not the willingness of its manufacturer to spend money.

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The Avengers game release date is set for September 4 – across all platforms. Unless the PlayStation Advantage forces a delay on Xbox and PC or something.