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Avengers starts “a universe gamers will play in for years to come”

A tweet gives us some last minute detail about the Avengers game

Marvel's Avengers

A tweet ahead of the E3 Avengers reveal promised that we’d soon see “a universe gamers will play in for years to come,” and now we know exactly what that means. In addition to letting you play its cinematic story in single-player, there will be online co-op and long-term content updates that bring new heroes and challenges – in short, it sounds a lot like a Destiny-style service game.

The core game will focus on Thor, Captain American, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Hulk, and new heroes will be added over time as free updates. Ant-Man was teased at the very end of the presentation, so it’s a safe bet he’ll be among your eventual options. There will be some amount of customisation for your roster.

You’ll also get new locations over time, and it looks like these will also be free. The developers weren’t specific about what the game’s long-term monetisation will look like, but they did specifically promise no “random loot boxes” or “pay-to-win scenarios.”

This will be an original story, with no direct connection to the films or comics – though it does take some obvious inspiration from the MCU movies.

You can get a taste in the trailer above.

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The Avengers launch date was confirmed for May 15, 2020 at this event. It will b available on consoles, Stadia, and PC, but it sounds like PlayStation 4 players will get some extra goodies including early access to the beta.