Back 4 Blood bear traps will bite your ankles

There will be bear traps in Back 4 Blood soon, and it seems as though they might work on cleaners just as well as they do on the Ridden

A Tallboy, from Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to the beloved Left 4 Dead zombie co-op games, is adding a new threat to its post-apocalyptic American landscape: bear traps. These will work the way you expect them to – they lock a target in place, and hurt a lot. But for the moment, Turtle Rock is being a bit cagey about who can get caught in them.

Turtle Rock announced the coming bear traps in a tweet, which included a suggestive caption: “I mean, if it’s only for bears, we should be fine, right? …Right?” This of course means that we will emphatically not be fine, which in turn suggests that these bear traps will likely be hazards that cleaners will have to look out for too.

On the official Back 4 Blood Discord, a Turtle Rock community manager explains that the bear traps will function “like razor wire, but for bigger things.” In the game, cleaners can place razor wire on the ground to help fortify locations, and it’ll damage and slow anything that tries to pass through it.

Tallboys and breakers, two of Back 4 Blood’s special enemies, are the exception here: Tallboys just pass through the wire, while breakers can just, uh, break it. This could be where the new bear traps fit into the picture – it may be the case that your standard-issue ridden isn’t heavy enough to trigger the trap, but specials have enough heft to snap the jaws shut on their horrible, pestilent legs.

Turtle Rock hasn’t said when we can expect to see the bear traps yet, but be ready to watch your step when they show up.