Back 4 Blood expansion River of Blood is out now

A new Back 4 Blood expansion, River of Blood, adds a new story act that centres on plucky survivor Tala and her quest to rescue her brother from a cult

Back 4 Blood expansion River of Blood: Cleaner Tala fires a flamethrower as 'friendly' tallboy Jeff lunges forward

A new Back 4 Blood expansion is out now, and it’s called River of Blood – that’s laregly due to the tremendous amount of zombie juice you’ll be spilling in this new story act of the co-op game. With five new chapters, a selection of new weapons and cards, and a plucky new cleaner named Tala, there’s plenty to dive into with this latest expansion.

River of Blood introduces the new playable cleaner Tala. Her weapons add bleed damage to enemies she hits with them, and she travels around with a ‘friendly’ Tallboy named Jeff, who has a metal helmet wired into his head in order to control his movement. Tala can whistle for Jeff’s help, and he’ll come barging in to help squish any ridden who are causing you problems.

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The new five-chapter act covers Tala’s quest to save her brother from the hands of the creepy cult we’ve gotten to know over the last two expansions.

River of Blood also includes some new weapons, including a vicious looking flamethrower, and a selection of new cards like phosphorous-tipped rounds, which adds a chance to set enemies on fire the longer you spray and pray with an automatic weapon. There’s also a new ridden enemy, which looks like a very angry meat flower.

If you need to update your look, River of Blood also includes 12 exclusive weapon skins and eight new cleaner skins.

River of Blood is included with the Back 4 Blood season pass, but the update includes goodies even for players who don’t own that. The new co-op mode ‘Trial of the Worm’.

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