Larian is giving Baldur’s Gate 3 classes a tune-up – literally

The fan-favorite Bard joins Baldur's Gate 3's classes lineup, and you can play as a Gnome if you feel like going on a tiny, mischievous adventure

The selection of Baldur’s Gate 3 classes is getting a bit bigger with the game’s eighth significant update, Larian announced in its recent livestream. The fan-favorite Bard class joins the RPG game with two subclass options and the ability to sing songs around the campfire for just because. College of Valour Bards are fighting minstrels who buff allies, attacks, and weapons with their unique songs, while College of Lore Bards take more of a backseat role. They specialize in debuffing enemies, buffing allies, and using one of 97 bespoke insults depending on the occasion (no, it’s true).


From level four onward, any Bard with the Performer feat can put on an impromptu performance and regale nearby NPCs with their musical prowess, though not everyone will take kindly to such shenanigans.

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Larian is also adding Gnomes as a new playable race, the first since Baldur’s Gate 3 entered early access.

Elsewhere in the update notes, Larian said it’s adding a kill cam that zooms in when you land a crit, making critical hits and magic attacks more spectacular to watch. Minor enemies come in swarms now as well and attack and move together in a bid to make combat faster.

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Finally, you just can’t have a good fantasy adventure with bad hair, so Larian added a new hair shader and “other improvements” to spruce up everyone’s coif.

How many more of these updates we’ll see is unclear, since Larian previous promised this is the last year of Baldur’s Gate 3’s development. We can probably expect smaller updates to tweak classes like the Druid, but if you have amorous intentions towards the Mind Flayers, don’t get your hopes up for anything drastic. BD3 will probably be playable on Steam Deck before you get to kiss those luscious tentacles.