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Forget Mind Flayers, this man is Baldur’s Gate 3’s biggest issue

If you think Baldur's Gate 3's Underdark is gloomy and oppressive, then you didn't count on Ricky Gervais collaborator Karl Pilkington dropping by.

Forget Mind Flayers, this man is Baldur's Gate 3's biggest issue: A bald man wearing a hoodie over a red hat and a rain jacket looks confused against a background of florescent mushrooms

If there was ever a place that didn’t need more gloom, it’s Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Underdark. Between Baldur Gate 3‘s numerous monsters, the exploding fungi, and the pitch-black lake, the fantasy RPG game’s underground realm doesn’t scream holiday destination. So, naturally, that’s where miserable Mancunian presenter Karl Pilkington has been sent. What could possibly go wrong?

This isn’t some lost episode of An Idiot Abroad, even though I’d pay good money to see Karl Pilkington travelling around other realities. Instead, it’s the work of YouTuber ‘HuffingtonPants,’ who’s taken Ricky Gervais’s favourite dogsbody and, with a little video editing, plunged him into the Underdark. And it’s every bit as fantastic as you might expect.

Pilkington is cynicism personified but I’d still trade him for Astarion any day of the week. Forget rolling for persuasion, there’s no arguing with Karl. His aura of misery would subdue any foe, Mind Flayer tadpoles included.

Barely five minutes into hitting the Underdark, he’s grumbling about how badly the Dwarven Duergar are letting the tourism industry down. And, to be fair, he’s got a point. If I turned up somewhere and the locals attacked me because I wouldn’t help find some missing boots, I’d be marking it very poorly on Tripadvisor.

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‘Baldy’s Gate’ is just one of HuffingtonPants’ many, many Karl Pilkington video game edits. You can find more of them on their channel here, with Karl blundering around Mass Effect, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 7 and so on.

My absolutely favourite has to be his ‘wander’ round Skyrim, which ends up with every NPC in the area descending on him. If these kind of round-headed shenanigans appeal to you and you want to see more, you can support HuffingtonPants via their Patreon.

Sadly there isn’t currently a Karl Pilkington Baldur’s Gate 3 mod, though there are plenty that you should check out.  And if you, like Karl, need a little help figuring out which Baldur’s Gate 3 quest to do next, we’ve got you covered.