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If you love Baldur’s Gate 3, the original RPG classic is less than $5

Baldur’s Gate 3 is truly one of the greatest RPGs ever, but if you want more of the classic DnD hit, the original BioWare BG1 is under $5.

Baldur's Gate cheap: A character from DnD RPG Baldur's Gate

How many times have you finished Baldur’s Gate 3? You’ve explored Faerun, romanced Astarion, Karlach, and Halsin. Done everything the epochal Larian RPG seemingly has to offer. Of course, you’ll be back. Officially the best game of 2023 according to us (and, essentially, everyone else), Baldur’s Gate 3 will be a mainstay of every PC player for years. But maybe you want a change. Maybe you want to see how it all got started. If BG3 is your first foray into the superb DnD series, you should certainly try the original classic from 1998. Enhanced and remastered for modern players, Baldur’s Gate 1 is now available for less than $5.

You’ve got the best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods. You’ve replayed, rerolled, and re-fallen in love with the Laran RPG over and over again. I’m not saying it’s time to move on – Baldur’s Gate 3 is forever. But the original games offer just the same expansive, turn-based, character-driven adventure as BG3. If you want a break from the latest Baldur’s Gate, its distant ancestor is very worth your time.

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Created by BioWare and published by Black Isle, in 2012 a total remaster of the original Baldur’s Gate was released by Overhaul, itself founded by former BioWare developers. Combining both the first, base game and its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition maintains the beloved, core experience of the 1998 classic, but includes visual improvements, new character voices, new heroes, and new areas.

Accessible, amazing-looking, and a wonderful preservation of gaming history, if you want more of what makes Baldur’s Gate 3 great, hit the button below to get the BG1 Enhanced Edition for $4.74 / £3.79.

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