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The best Banishers Ghosts of New Eden skills

Take a look at our top picks for the Banishers Ghosts of New Eden best skills so you know what to grab early on to take on several enemies.

What are the Banishers Ghosts of New Eden best skills? The fastest way to improve Red and Antea’s combat abilities is by picking up their best skills right away. Buffing your attack damage by 10% might sound boring, but that effect can go a long way if you grab it as soon as it becomes available.

The combat sequences can get surprisingly tricky in this action-adventure game, so utilizing the best skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden will ease the pressure during tense fights. By the end of the RPG game, you should be powerful enough to take down most enemies without breaking a sweat.

The best Banishers Ghosts of New Eden skills

The best Banishers Ghosts of New Eden skills to unlock right away are:

  • Unrelenting
  • Tag-Team
  • Banishing Leap
  • Relentless Spirit
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Kindred


Available as a part of Red’s first ability skill tree, this provides a solid boost to light attacks when dealing with several enemies. Unrelenting boosts your light attack damage by 10% for each enemy you attack, and this effect stacks depending on the number of enemies you hit using light attacks. This damage buff resets once you’re hit, so avoid enemy fire if you’re on a long streak.


To further enhance your light attacks as Red, grab the Tag-Team skill. This triggers an extra punch after landing the fourth light attack in a combo, dealing extra damage while ignoring any resistance effects. Light attack combos were already powerful against grunts, and now you can stun most enemies if they get hit by this entire chain.

Banishing Leap

Banishing Leap looks like a situational skill at first glance, however, its importance can’t be understated once you unlock the Leap category. Whereas Leap gives Antea the ability to jump toward enemies, Banishing Leap takes this a step further by increasing the damage of this attack by 500%. This effect doesn’t come without a price, as you need to have a full Banish gauge to use this powerful ability.

Given the amount of low-level enemies you typically face in combat, you’re going to find yourself with a full Banish gauge more often than not. Take this opportunity to perform a Banishing Leap to instantly crush a target and provide a follow-up combo when you land on the ground.

Relentless Spirit

Antea may not be as powerful as Red, but with powerful skills like Relentless Spirit, she can certainly pack a punch. Similar to Unrelenting, Antea gains a 7% damage boost to all of her punch attacks as long as you land a punch on each enemy you face. Unlike Unrelenting, this effect doesn’t reset when Antea gets hit, so you can afford to fight a little more recklessly without worrying about your damage dropping. Be warned that this damage bonus does reset after switching back to Red, so only swap when you need to.

Heavy Artillery

If you’re the type of player to quickly understand enemy attack patterns, we’ve got the skill for you. Once you study an enemy close enough, you know when they’re open to taking damage from heavy attacks. Heavy attacks can be devastating against enemies if you can land them at the right time, and the same can be said for charged heavy attacks which deal even more damage. Heavy Artillery increases the damage of charged heavy attacks by 20%, putting you in the perfect position to wipe out your enemy’s health bar.


As mentioned above, heavy attacks are the best way to optimize your damage output, but you might not always have the chance to charge your swing. The Kindred skill allows you to do some extra damage against tougher armored enemies by triggering a punch from Antea upon landing your fourth heavy attack in a combo. The best part is that you can alternate your attacks before triggering this ability, giving you the freedom to pick where you want to deal the Kindred blow. This punch from Antea also ignores resistance, meaning it smashes through any defensive abilities or armor your opponent has.

And those are the best Banishers Ghosts of New Eden skills. While we have you, don’t forget to check out our resurrect or ascend Antea guide to see how that decision impacts the story. Speaking of the game’s story, we have a list of the best story games once your journey with Red and Antea comes to a close.