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Base Battles codes December 2023

Get one up over your enemies with free tokens and weapon skins in the multiplayer shooter, we have all the Base Battle codes for August 2023.

A blocky person dressed in insulated clothing holds their rifle while standing in a blizzard.

What are the new Base Battles codes? This Roblox shooter pits two teams against each other in a surprisingly large warzone, complete with ground vehicles, planes, and gritty tactical person-on-person tactical skirmishes. To get a leg up on the competition, however, you need tokens – these are what you use to buy weapons and vehicles.

Luckily, we’ve searched high and low for every code in the Roblox game, so you can get an instant injection of cash when you begin your fight. If you’re on the hunt for more freebies, we also have Anime Adventures codes, Project Mugetsu codes, and All Star Tower Defense codes – being the best has never been so easy. These Base Battles codes rotate regularly, so if an active code doesn’t work right now, chances are it will later down the line.

Three army types stand side by side holding their weapons.

New Base Battles codes

Here are all the currently active Base Battles codes:

  • 300K – 50k tokens
  • Carvas454 – 50k tokens
  • CINCO – 18,620 tokens
  • DESTROYER – 25k tokens
  • OVERTHEMOON – 15k tokens
  • PREZ – 50k tokens
  • Rainster – Rainster limited weapon skin
  • SPRINGBREAK – 25k tokens
  • WHOOPS – 25k tokens

Expired codes

  • 150KLIKES
  • 100KLIKES
  • BETA

How do I redeem Base Battles codes?

To redeem Base Battles codes:

  • After loading the game, click on the blue bird icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Enter one of the active codes into the first box, and press the redeem button.
  • Enjoy your freebies!

How do I get more Base Battles codes?

Besides this guide, the main source for new Base Battles codes is the official Base Battles Twitter account – the developers post regular updates on the game, along with any freebies that they choose to give away.

Now that you have all the Base Battles codes in your possession, it’s time to get out there, tool up, and get fragging. Check out our best Roblox games if you’re looking for something else to sink your time into, and our Roblox Music codes if you need something to vibe to while you’re at it.