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Battalion 1944 has topped 250,000 sales

The WWII FPS left early access last month, and is already hitting impressive sales milestones

"Battalion 1944 weapons"

Battalion 1944 only got its full release a few weeks ago, but has already hit an impressive sales milestone. In a recent press release, developer Bulkhead Interactive confirmed that the WWII FPS has sold more than 250,000 copies.

That’s not all, however, as it seems like the game is making waves elsewhere, too. Bulkhead says that in the week following the game’s release from early access on May 23, it racked up more than one million hours viewed on Twitch. That figure has likely been helped along by former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro and all-round FPS buff Shroud, who described the game as “probably the best first-person shooter out right now” in a recent stream.

To celebrate the game’s success, Bulkhead says it’s giving away five Aces High War Chests to everyone who logs into the game between now and Monday June 10. If that’s something you think you’d enjoy, between now and Thursday June 6, you can pick up the game for a 20% discount on Steam.

Battalion 1944 found more success last week. Soon after the game left early access, studio lead Joe Brammer took to Twitter to announce a 3600% increase in the game’s player count, up from 102 in April to nearly 4,000 players.

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It’s still early days, of course, but with such a spike in interest and the attention of some major streamers, the future could yet prove bright for Battalion 1944.