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Battlefield campaign coming from a brand new EA studio

A new Battlefield campaign is coming from a recently formed EA studio, with a Halo co-creator involved with the narrative title's development

Battlefield campaign coming from a brand new EA studio: soldier point their gun just off screen with their face up close

A brand new Battlefield campaign is on the way from a newly formed EA development studio, Ridgeline Games, as the FPS game franchise hasn’t had traditional single player content for quite some time.

The new studio will be creating a “narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe,” and not a multiplayer game, according to EA. Although the exact meaning of this statement, and whether it’ll be an entirely new game or potentially an expansion for another, is unknown.

Ridgeline Games will be led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, who announced he was joining EA as a game director back in October of last year on Twitter.

“It is a great honour to have the opportunity to collaborate with DICE and Ripple Effect and lead the charge on expanding the narrative, storytelling and character development opportunities in the Battlefield series,” says Lehto in the new studio announcement.

An EA job ad actually pointed towards this single-player Battlefield campaign earlier this year, with the company looking for a design director to help with the game’s development. The ad said the design director’s job will be “to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign.”

Ridgeline Games will be based in Kirkland, Washington and focus on Battlefield games, with the shooter’s series head Vince Zampella adding that EA is “continuing to invest in the future of the franchise by bringing in new talent and perspectives.”

News of a narrative Battlefield campaign comes after the rocky launch of Battlefield 2042, which was filled with bugs and changes to the series’ pre-established mechanics. One of the bigger changes was the removal of the traditional class system in favour of individual specialists, but now EA has confirmed that the third season of the game will see specialists integrated into the old-school class system from previous entries.

Battlefield 2042 season 2 is now live, and it brings with it the multiplayer game’s next Battlefield map alongside a whole host of new weapons, vehicles and even a new specialist as well.