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EA says even more FPS studios are facing “increased harassment”

EA has issued a statement following Battlefield harassment towards its many studios that make the multiplayer FPS games, calling players to end the toxicity.

EA says even more FPS studios are facing “increased harassment”

After developers suffered Battlefield harassment for their work on EA’s FPS game, the publisher has issued a statement to social media calling on vocal and toxic players to cut it out, in the hopes that Battlefield 2042 players can remain peaceful towards the developers.

“Recently we have witnessed increased harassment towards members of our development team,” the official Battlefield social media writes.

“Across all of our Battlefield Studios we are open to constructive feedback and criticism about our games, but to maintain a healthy and open dialogue with our community, we will protect our teams and people from toxicity and harassment.EA says even more FPS studios are facing “increased harassment”

“We believe this has no place inside our game or within the Battlefield community. We want to remind our players that, through our EA User Agreement and Battlefield Community Guidelines, we will take appropriate action to uphold these values. As a community, we play the objective, together.”


The letter is signed by multiple Battlefield teams, including those working on Battlefield 2042: DICE, Ripple Effect, Ridgeline Games, and Electronic Arts.

In fact, the Battlefield subreddit was almost shut down last year due to toxic behavior, and fellow EA developer Respawn – responsible for Apex Legends – also had to issue a statement last year echoing similar sentiments to this one from EA.

EA wants "increased harassment" towards its FPS studios to stop, again

It also bears saying that players who attack a developer for the quality or release of their game are helping no one. These players don’t force the developers into a corner to make them work harder, they just make their work miserable, which isn’t going to help with the state of any game in the long term.

Battlefield 2042 struggled at launch, but since releasing in late 2021 EA has been steadily feeding it with content and new changes, but it seems like that’s too late for both community sentiment and a healthy playerbase. Despite a sizable launch peak the game struggles to break five figures (on Steam at least), with the figures dropping quickly after launch and staying low.

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