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Battlefield 2042 devs think they have a fix for buggy hit registration

Battlefield's lead game designer says he's "pretty confident" the team has figured out the problem

Soldiers ready up behind a portable shield in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is out in the wild now, and it’s faced a bit of a rocky launch. Developer Dice has been busy tracking down bugs and has already released a fairly significant patch that addresses some of the more pressing issues that players have identified in the multiplayer game, and it seems we should be seeing a fix for dodgy hit registration before too long as well.

Hit registration seems to break down entirely under certain circumstances, making for unfair and frustrating engagements – even after the latest update. Lead game designer Florian Le Bihan has been busy reviewing footage players have uploaded, and has said the team thinks it’s worked out a solution to at least some of the instances of wonky hitreg.

Popular Battlefield YouTuber Jackfrags uploaded a clip that demonstrates the problem: while lying prone underneath a pipe structure, he engages a group of enemies moving through a cloud of smoke at about 50 metres. While some of the hits register correctly, it looks as though many of his shots don’t land, even though he seems to be lined up and aiming directly at them when he fires.

Here’s the clip:

Bihan replied to Jackfrags’ post, and asked whether the clip had been recorded after the latest patch, and Jackfrags confirmed that it had. Several hours later, Bihan followed up with good news.

“Pretty confident we have a fix for the issue now. Thanks for the video again!” he said.

It’s not yet clear when this fix will be deployed in the main game, but it’s possible it might be incorporated into Update 3, which should roll out in “early December” according to the near-term Battlefield 2042 roadmap Dice published earlier this week.