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Dead Space Remake dev now working on Battlefield as 2042 ends seasons

Dead Space Remake studio Motive is now working on the Battlefield series and a new Iron Man game, and the latter shows "excellent progress."

Battlefield 2042 Motive new game: a soldier in red glasses with long hair, holding some sort of rocket launcher

EA has announced that Dead Space Remake studio Motive will be splitting resources between both the Battlefield series and its upcoming Iron Man game, which Motive itself says “made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone.” This Battlefield reshuffle comes after Marcus Lehto’s Ridgeline Games was closed down, as the development of a single-player Battlefield game went to Criterion.

With Battlefield 2042 Season 7 just launching, EA has also confirmed that this will be the FPS game’s last. “While we’ve enjoyed and are proud of creating these seasons of additional content for Battlefield 2042, it is now necessary for us to turn from the present to the future,” EA writes. “What this ultimately means is that Season 7 will serve as the final season for Battlefield 2042.”

New challenges, events, modes, and maintenance will still come to Battlefield 2042, but there will be no more seasons. “We know this news may be disappointing. However, as we looked at what the future of the series required, it became clear it was time for us to shift our resources and focus to be fully dedicated to what comes next,” EA continues.

EA adds that Motive is building its own Battlefield team, which will join its other studios in making experiences in the interconnected multiplayer and single-player push the series is now going for.

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Motive general manager Patrick Klaus also shared a statement, explaining how Dead Space Remake directors Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola are building a Motive team to work on Battlefield.

Klaus adds that the team working on the Iron Man game is still going strong and working in parallel, adding that “The team made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone and laying a robust foundation for the journey ahead.”

It’s unclear what this development split means for the future of the Dead Space Remake series, if anything. This announcement from Motive also comes months after EA shuttered Battlefield developer Ridgeline Games, with former Halo developer and studio game director Marcus Lehto later saying he doesn’t have “anything positive” about EA after the closure.

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