Battlefield 2042 season 1 delivers another iconic mid-air hijack

This incredible clip posted to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit depicts a mid-air caper that's almost on the level of the classic 'LoopZook' manoeuvre

Battlefield 2042 helicopter hijack: Attack helicopters approach a clifftop base in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

A Battlefield 2042 player has pulled off an astounding mid-air hijack that’s on par with the classic ‘LoopZook’ manoeuvre that helped inspire the catchphrase ‘only in Battlefield.’ The clip shows the player leap off a cliff, snipe a helicopter pilot whilst wingsuiting, and successfully commandeer the aircraft.

The feat takes place on Battlefield 2042’s newly released map, Exposure, which rolled out with the multiplayer game’s first season earlier this month. In the clip, redditor Galaxy3170 begins at the top of the cliff in zone D, and spots a Russian MI-240 Super Hind helicopter moving into position in the gulch below.

With an incredibly well-timed leap, Galaxy3170 wingsuits off the edge of the cliff and toward the hovering aircraft. They whip out a scoped rifle just long enough to take out the pilot before returning to the wingsuit’s glide mode and alighting atop the helicopter’s cockpit.

Here’s the clip:

My "trailer moment" in season 1 from battlefield2042

Now, given where the player ends up before entering the chopper, you’d think the rotor blades would cause a major problem. Thankfully, this is an ‘Only in Battlefield’ moment, and so Galaxy3170 is able to pop into the pilot’s seat and fly off, almost immediately drawing a bead on another enemy helicopter that’s approaching from the north.

The release of season one has given Battlefield 2042 a much needed boost: on Steam, the number of daily peak concurrent players has ballooned from less than 3,000 at the beginning of June to more than 13,000 as of this writing.