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DICE are reportedly testing Battlefield 5 battle royale, because of course they are

battlefield 5 battle royale

With both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite having seen industry-shifting success in the past year, it was only a matter of time before loads of major shooters took on the genre for themselves. Black Ops 4 is reportedly due for the mode, it’s been a strong component of The Division 2 rumours, and a new report suggests the next Battlefield will soon follow suit.

Quick, pick a side in Fortnite vs. PUBG, because the field's about to get a lot more crowded.

DICE are prototyping a battle royale mode for Battlefield V, according to a report from GamesBeat. The key word is “prototype” - this hasn’t been greenlit for full development, and is unlikely to be done in time to meet the game’s release date later this year. It could become an add-on for Battlefield V, or go to Battlefront, or even become its own separate game.

Whatever the specifics, DICE’s approach to online shooters, with massive maps and huge player counts, would present a natural opportunity to build a battle royale.

We do know a few more concrete details about this year’s Battlefield game, mostly that it is indeed set to release this year  and will be showcased at EA’s E3 event in a few months. The most recent reports - as yet unconfirmed - suggest it will be set during WWII.

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SkankwOn avatarnu1mlock avatar
SkankwOn Avatar
3 Months ago

Couldn't care less! Only thing I care about for new BF is EA scrapping their crappy, restrictive Rental Server Program.

I own each and every BF from 1942 up to BF4, with thousands of hours logged in each, but I skipped BF1 (despite enjoying the beta) when EA banished 3rd party servers and basically ruined clans/custom server control.


nu1mlock Avatar
3 Months ago

Didn't they have a mode in Battlefield 4 (or was it 3?) that was basically a BR mode? I remember starting out each round with only a knife and a pistol and had to scavenge for better weapons before I got shot. While not a real BR-mode, it had ideas from it (or at least that specific one).