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Battlefield V breaks its all-time Steam record amid big sale

EA’s World War II shooter Battlefield V breaks its own Steam player count record as people flood to play it after a big Steam sale discount.

Battlefield V sets new Steam player count record - A soldier wearing green camo and holding a rifle. An explosion goes off behind him.

Battlefield V continues its dramatic return to action as EA’s 2018 World War II shooter breaks its all-time Steam record concurrent player count. The FPS game is currently available at a massive 92% discount on Steam, and people have clearly taken this opportunity to return to another entry in the series following Battlefield 2042’s resurgence just a month ago. The climb sees BFV push ahead of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, and brings it close to rivaling Call of Duty MW3’s current Steam user base.

Following the huge autumn Steam sale, which has seen the price of Battlefield V drop to under four dollars, a flood of players has arrived, causing the Steam player count to skyrocket massively from its recent average. Now, the age-old rivalry between landmark FPS games CoD and Battlefield is heating up even further, as the BFV Steam player count reaches a new all-time record.

At around 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CEST today, Friday November 24, tracking site Steam Charts reports a new all-time peak of 90,542 concurrent players for Battlefield V, nudging just past its previous record of 89,814 set back in August 2021.

Battlefield Steam player count showing new peak of 90,542 (via Steam Charts).

While that’s not quite at the height that the Battlefield 2042 player count reached in October this year, where it broke its own all-time record with over 107,000 concurrent players, it’s still an impressive achievement. It also brings Battlefield V within touching distance of Call of Duty, although the latter has a little headway with a 24-hour peak of 127,692 concurrent players.

It seems players are taking advantage of these big savings as a chance to revisit, or perhaps try for the first time, games in the series that they might have otherwise missed. Oftentimes, such momentum can have a snowball effect, too – as a game begins to rise on Steam, more players see that, and decide that now’s the best time to jump back in while servers are busy.

If you’re of such a mind, you’re in luck, as the sale is still going for a little while longer. Battlefield V Definitive Edition is on sale for 92% off on Steam until Tuesday November 28. That means you should expect to pay just $3.99 or £3.59, down from its usual price of $49.99 or £44.99, to join in on the action.

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