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Battlefield V level designers say they’re still making big maps

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Apparently responding to concern expressed by fans online about the size of the maps in Battlefield V, some of DICE’s level designers have shared an in-progress shot of the upcoming game’s Hamada map, an area featured in WWII’s North African theater.

The map is big, are you can see in the image below. But it’s not immediately clear from a quick glance how large it is. Valerian Noghin, DICE’s lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield V, said in his tweet from the official EA-DICE account that the distance from the attackers’ headquarters to the defenders’ final sector in the Breakthrough version of the Hamada map is more than 1,500 meters – or, a bit short of a mile.

“We’re also making big map guys,” tweeted Jeff Gagné, one of DICE’s level designers, responding to apparent complaints he’s heard online. “I know I know, it’s easy to come to conclusion, but jeez, the game is not released and we are starting to share info.”

Noghin added that in the inset picture in the image he shared, the distance from the point where the player is standing to the final objective in the distance is about 500 meters.

That scale is comparable to Bandar Desert, a map that appeared in Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill expansion and was at the time the largest map in Battlefield history, at about 1,900 meters across from U.S. to Russian deployment zones.

Sinai Desert in Battlefield 1 is another huge map from recent history, but unlike the Hamada map shown in the tweeted image, it’s pretty sparse outside the village and the majority of the map is sand dunes.

In any case, when Battlefield V launches November 20, it looks like players are going to have maps that are just about as large as the massive maps featured in previous games, even if the levels seen in the beta seemed a bit tight.