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Rimworld meets Valheim as Steam survival game nears early access

Inspired by Rimworld's management systems and Valheim's expansive world, Bellwright is set to be a Steam survival hit - and its early access is coming.

Valheim meets Rimworld as Steam survival game nears early access: Two knights, both with rounds shields, an ax, and a sword rush at one another on a grassy battlefield

Fusing the management systems of Rimworld and the expansive, forested world of Valheim, Bellwright is a survival experience with a Dishonored style storyline. If that sounds right up your street, I have good news for you: Bellwright’s early access release date is finally here.

Bellwright is a fusion of some of the best survival games out there. Channelling elements of Rimworld and, of course, Valheim, the developer also drew inspiration from Unknown Worlds’ titanic Subnautica, as discussed in a Gamescom interview with PCGamesN.

You’re thrust into a chaotic world where you have been accused of regicide and banished to the shadows (that’s where Dishonored comes in). You’ll have to muster your forces to take on the Crown and build your own miniature empire, all while dodging the hungry blades of some particularly vicious assassins.

A beautiful mountain location where a pebble beach leads onto sparkling blue water

My favorite thing about Bellwright’s universe, however, is just how beautiful it is – just look at that image above! I really can’t wait to build my lakeside town, or a settlement nested high in the mountains above. Come at me, challengers; I have the high ground now.

And it turns out I’m not the only one that’s excited for Bellwright. The game pulled over 110,000 wishlists during Steam Next Fest in July, and was certainly a hit with the PCGamesN staff contingent at Gamescom.

All of this has lead to developer Donkey Crew announcing that the Bellwright Early Access release date is set for December, exact date to be confirmed. So, while we wait, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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