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One of the best LGBT games is free, and you need to play it

Game Pass is the gift that just keeps on giving, providing us with 10/10 free games like Celeste and other indie titles such as The Wandering Village.

A red-haired girl wearing a blue coat and backpack reaches up toward a strawberry

If you’ve ever considered playing Celeste, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. The incredible LGBT game is not only a rewardingly difficult platformer, but also an emotional narrative-driven experience with a powerful message to offer. You will be able to grab it for free thanks to Game Pass, along with other indie gems such as The Wandering Village and Venba. The Game Pass rotation offers a good variety of free titles, meaning that there is much more available to download than just Celeste if you have already played through it.

Starting Tuesday, July 18 you can play a preview of Techtonica with Game Pass. This resource-driven game is all about digging into the sub-surface of a bioluminescent alien planet. You can also get Toem today, a delightful hand-drawn adventure all about making use of your photographic eye. The last free game ready to download today is The Cave, a mysterious experience centered around seven unlikely adventurers with quirky personalities.

On Wednesday, July 19, you can download Maquette for free thanks to Game Pass. This first-person recursive puzzle game thrusts you into a magical world where everything twists into itself, with all objects around you both tiny… and massive.

Come Thursday, July 20, two more games will be up for free. Figment 2: Creed Valley, the action-adventure sequel to a unique game set in the surreal world that is the human mind, is available. The Wandering Village, an adorable city-building game that lets you build your civilization up atop a big, moving creature, is also up for grabs on Thursday.

Tuesday, July 25, sees the addition of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem to the Game Pass rotation. Not much needs to be said about the iconic FPS series, but this one is a standalone expansion to Serious Sam 4.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. On Monday, July 31, you can snag Venba with Game Pass for free. Venba is an upcoming wholesome cooking game that is all about staying in touch with your cultural and familial roots while pouring your heart and soul into what you create.

Finally, you can download Celeste for free come Tuesday, August 1 when it rolls onto Xbox Game Pass. From its beautiful pixel art to its staggeringly intense story, Celeste is a one-of-a-kind experience and its 10/10 rating on Steam is very much deserved. Alongside such great games come new Xbox Game Ultimate Perks, which include 75 days of Crunchyroll Premium, as well as the first season of Naruto Shippuden Uncut.

Check out some of this year’s best PC games if you want an idea of what to play next after you jump your way through Celeste’s emotional journey. If you want to browse through some other stunning indie games, you can do so as the genre always has so much to offer.