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Best lights for streaming in 2024

The best ring lights and LEDs transform your live streaming and vlogging. Boost your content with the top lights for streaming.

Five lights for streaming on a colorful background

The best lights for streaming provide an instant way to boost your setup, helping everything to look more professional and flattering. If you’re streaming on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube and want to attract more followers, check out our favorite stream lighting below.

The best streaming lights are either ring lights or LED panels. And just like the best gaming microphones, they don’t have to cost a fortune. While gaming brands like Razer and Elgato make reliable lights to give your productions a dramatic boost, you can also find cheap ring lights on Amazon which are smaller and simple to use. Some of the best webcams for streaming have built-in ring lights, but these are less powerful than a standalone light.

In this guide, I’ve included premium lights for streaming as well as budget options that are still high performers. These are some of the best ring lights and LED panels for streaming you can get right now, whatever your budget and preferred streaming platform.

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Elgato Ring Light

Best ring light for streaming

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Elgato Ring Light specifications:
Color temperature 2,900 – 7,000K
Light output 2,500 lumens, dimmable
Connection USB
Outer diameter 17-inches
Weight 1.6kg (light only)
Reasons to buy
  • Impressive color range
  • Very flattering light quality
Reasons to avoid
  • App control could be better

The Elgato Ring Light is the best light for streaming overall. We put it at the top because it balances features and connectivity with price. It’s designed especially for live-game streaming and gives a flattering and even light while brightening your eyes for a more engaging video.

The onboard controls are there for changing the brightness and color temperature settings, but you can also tweak these via an app (and WiFi) on Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

The light output of 2500 lumens is one of the highest on the market, and the Ring Light’s customizable color temperature range is on par with the more expensive Razer Key Light Chroma below. Whether you want to live stream on Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, the Elgato Ring Light is a perfect fit for the best streaming cameras.

Elgato Key Light Mini

Best compact streaming light

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Elgato Key Light Mini specifications:
Color temperature 2,900 – 7,000K
Light output 800 lumens
Connections Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C charging
Dimensions 5.8 x 3.9 x 0.7-inches
Weight 300g
Reasons to buy
  • Versatile color range
  • Bright light
  • Sleek design
Reasons to avoid
  • Less versatile than a ring light

The Elgato Key Light mini is a well-specced yet compact streaming light. It’s a portable LED panel, but despite its small size it still has a high-lumen output of 800. The color temperature range is also one of the most versatile on this list. The Key Light Mini is well-designed, with a power button and brightness toggle on its side.

If you want to mount the light onto a monitor, you can do so with Elgato’s Multimount system. It also has a ¼-inch thread for mounting it onto a generic stand (sold separately). Unlike wired lights in this list, the Key Light Mini is battery-powered and charged via USB-C. You’ll get around 4 hours of light at half brightness, and charging is quick and easy once you run out of juice.

The Elgato Key Light Mini will be a good streaming light for those who want portability, and different positioning options. It’s not the cheapest (or most expensive) stream light on this list but is reasonably priced for what you do get.

Logitech G Litra Beam LX

Most versatile streaming light

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Logitech G Litra Beam LX specifications:
Color temperature 2700 – 6500K
Light output 400 lumens
Connections Bluetooth, USB-C
Dimensions 42 X 401 x 35 mm
Weight 1.49 kg
Reasons to buy
  • Bright, even key light
  • Great RGB functionality
  • Comes with flexible stand
Reasons to avoid
  • Heavy design isn’t portable
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Premium price

The Logitech G Litra Beam LX is an upgrade on the original, cheaper Litra Beam because it offers dual-sided illumination. The powerful 400-lumen light bar at the front brightens your face and makes you glow. And at the back, customizable RGB lighting livens up your surroundings. This light is a real vibe for gamers and can be linked to other Logitech G products like microphones and keyboards for a gorgeous ecosystem.

When we tested the Litra Beam LX, we were impressed by how easy it was to set up, how flexible it was to position, and the brightness of the key light itself. Using the Logitech G HUB on a desktop allows granular settings changes – from the power output to the color temperature – but there are also buttons on top if you don’t want to use any software.

The Litra Beam LX isn’t the cheapest product in this guide. But it’s slim, elegant and well-built. And for the combination of bright front lighting and gorgeous colored backlighting, it’s the most versatile choice here.

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Razer Key Light Chroma

Best premium RGB streaming light

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Razer Key Light Chroma specifications:
Color temperature 2,900 – 7,000K, RGB
Light output 2,800 lumens, dimmable
Connections USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Dimensions 21.8 – 53.2-inches
Weight 1.6kg
Reasons to buy
  • Jazzy RGB lighting effects
  • Very bright max light output
  • Comes with a stand
Reasons to avoid
  • Costs the same as several lights

The Razer Key Light Chroma is definitely a premium streaming light, and it isn’t the cheapest around. It’s a much larger panel than the portable Elgato Key Light below, and because of this can output more than three times the brightness at a maximum of 2800 lumens (which is dimmable in increments).

It also offers RGB lighting, with more than 16.8 million colors on offer to really set the vibe for your live streams. The light can be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone (using Razer’s streaming app) or PC (using Razer Synapse), so you can customize it while streaming without having to move. When it comes to placement, the Razer Key Light Chroma comes with a slim clamp mount for securing it to your desk, plus an extendable pole if you want it further away or to the side of you.

If you’re a serious streamer and want the very best stream light with RGB lighting, the Razer Key Light Chroma is the best choice.

Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro

Best quality streaming light

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Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro specifications:
Light output 1,500 Lumens / 1,700 lux at 0.5m
Color temperature 3,200 – 5,600K
Battery life Up to 70 minutes full brightness
Charging ports USB-A
Dimensions 17.5-inch ring light, 18 – 70-inch stand
Camera mounts Smartphone, DSLR
Reasons to buy
  • Gorgeous light quality
  • Physical remote control
  • Handy panel shows settings
Reasons to avoid
  • Premium price
  • The non-Pro model is bigger
  • Integrated battery

This 17-inch ring light has everything a pro streamer could ask for. Out of the box, it comes with a fully adjustable 18-70-inch stand, enabling you to set it up at any height, from a gaming chair to standing upright. A travel case is also included for easy storage or transportation, there’s a rear LCD to check settings, and the integrated battery is easy to get on with.

The color temperature of the Ring Light Pro is adjustable from 3200-5600K. Unlike any other streaming lights in this guide, it features Lume Cube’s Edge-Lit Technology – the 256 LEDs face inwards with built-in diffusion to deliver the most flattering light quality. With a physical remote control, you can change the light power and temperature on the fly while you’re live streaming.

Although the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro is the most expensive in the guide, it’s also the best overall. We couldn’t put it in the number one spot because of its price, but if you can afford to add it to your streaming setup and want the very best light, we’d say it was the right choice.

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Joby Beamo Studio Key Light

Best streaming light for tabletops

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Joby Beamo Studio Key Light specifications:
Color temperature 3,200 / 6,500 / 5,600K
Light output 650 lux at 0.5m
Connections USB-A
Dimensions 7.5 x 10 x 37-inch light, adjustable 27 – 37-inch stand
Weight 1.64kg
Reasons to buy
  • Beautiful light quality
  • Magnetic remote control
  • Four cold shoe mounts
Reasons to avoid
  • USB type-A connection
  • Lacks full color temp range
  • Not the most powerful light

The Joby Beamo Studio Key Light is a great buy for streamers who want to boost the light in their game streaming setup without spending a fortune. Designed to make you look good when streaming on YouTube and Twitch, the light has three color temperatures and 10 brightness levels, although at 650 lux it isn’t the most powerful light in this guide.

The Beamo Studio key Light is USB-powered, and the 1.8-meter cable allows you to position it in different spots. It’s designed to be used as a tabletop video light, and its relatively small footprint means it won’t take up too much room on your gaming desk. It features attachments for streaming microphones to save even more space.

We’d recommend the Joby Beamo Studio Key Light if you want an affordable and versatile light, but you’ll get the most impressive result if you buy a pair and create a 2-point lighting setup for your streams.

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Razer Kiyo

Best webcam with a ring light

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Razer Kiyo specifications:
Color temperature 5,600K (daylight-balanced)
Light output Not specified
Connections USB
Dimensions 2.7 x 7.9 x 1.9-inches
Weight 201g
Reasons to buy
  • No need for separate webcam
  • Bright for its small size
Reasons to avoid
  • Lighting can be a bit harsh
  • Positioning isn’t flexible

The Razer Kiyo has been around for over five years, but it’s the only streaming light in this guide that doubles up as one of the best webcams. As you don’t need to buy separate products for your setup, it’s a good way to save desk space and money. The Kiyo mounts onto your monitor, and Auto or Manual focus works to get the picture sharp. It’s also possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and white balance levels.

As a streaming light, the Razer Kiyo is surprisingly powerful. But it can’t do colors or effects. If you want to lighten up a dark room so that you can go live with friends, it’s a sensible choice. It’s suitable for streaming games on YouTube and Twitch, but also for everyday use on video calls. The Razer Kiyo is the best generalist option in this guide.

How to choose the best lights for streaming

I’ve been using streaming lights for years, and have a few different options depending on whether I’m at a desktop, laptop, or filming content standing up. To find your ideal streaming light, ask yourself a few simple questions. How big is the streaming setup you want to light? Will you need a light that can be mounted to a monitor, or positioned far away on a stand? Do you need it to be portable? How bright does it need to be?

Most lights for streaming are LED lights, rather than tungsten or fluorescent tubes. LEDs are the best type of stream light as they stay cool for long periods, are energy-efficient, and provide a fairly even glow – which is great for skin. If you’re wondering whether a ring light is better than a key light for streaming, there isn’t one answer. Key lights are extremely bright but often produce more glare, so you might need to position them further away than ring lights.

A smaller light is better if you’ve got a small desktop, or laptop or create on the go. If your streaming setup space is generous, I’d recommend investing in a larger light that can also be placed on a stand. Alternatively, you can light a bigger space with several lights.

For most of us, price is key when shopping for any streaming accessory. You don’t need to spend hundreds to get a decent streaming light, but more expensive lights often offer a better build quality, extra settings, and better connections – be it WiFi or Bluetooth. Many streaming lights in this guide offer Bluetooth and WiFi connections, while some are USB-only. Having smart connectivity isn’t essential, but it does allow you to do things like control the light from your smartphone.

Some streaming lights come with a stand, some mount to a monitor, and some do both. A sturdy, height-adjustable stand lets you change the light’s position and angle for more versatile streaming options. If you change your streaming setup regularly and want to use the light in different locations, look for a light that can be used both on a tabletop and the floor. You want to ensure your streaming light doesn’t get in the way of other streaming equipment like a camera.

The color temperature, expressed in Kelvin (K), affects how cool or warm your light is. We like streaming lights with fully customizable color temperatures, as these give you more looks to play with in your live streams. Do you prefer a warm, cool, or neutral look in your streams? The lower the K number, the warmer the light, while higher numbers appear more white. For reference, daylight is around 5000-6500K on the scale.

It’s important to buy a light that’s bright and big enough for your streaming setup. Lighting a bigger space will require a brighter light, but brighter isn’t always better. Too much light can be uncomfortable to sit in front of, while not enough makes your videos look dim and dull. Manufacturers usually measure light in lumens or lux, and most streaming lights have adjustable outputs so that you can tailor the brightness for your live stream. We recommend a streaming light with at least 250 lumens – something all of the lights in this guide have as a minimum.

Is a ring light worth it for streaming?

A ring light is one of the best and most popular options for streaming. That’s because, unlike a rectangular key light, its circular shape distributes light more evenly to reduce shadows on your face. Generally speaking, because there’s no light in their center, ring lights don’t get as hot as quickly as key lights so, which means you can stream for longer without them overheating. That said, most modern lights run on LEDs which don’t heat up quickly.

Ring lights can be found at a range of prices, from entry-level to professional – making it easy to find the best fit for your streaming needs. They’re usually lightweight enough to be mounted on a gaming monitor, or added to a stand or desktop, meaning their uses are more varied. Designed to give you even lighting without glare, ring lights can be placed about an arm’s length away, which means they can be accommodated into the smallest streaming setups.

For more ways to illuminate your gaming setup, check out our guide on the best LED strip lights.